Krishna Mohini: Mohan to expose Aryaman’s Family, Ananya provokes to oust Krishna

Krishna Mohini: Mohan takes stand for Krishna, gets to know the Truth about Six Months

Colors TV’S popular hit show Krishna Mohini is all set to keep it’s audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Aryaman asks Krishna as to why did she agree to become the Maid of the House to which she tells him that she used to do the same in Dwaraka.

Aryaman tells her that Dwaraka is not yet Home but this is her Husband’s House which makes it hers too. He asks her to consider their Relationship.

Krishna defends herself and tells him that she is happy to do this work. She leaves to Kitchen to make coffee for herself.

Aryaman and Krishna share an Eyelock

Krishna is trying to make coffee in the Kitchen to which Aryaman comes there and helps her take it from the shelf. They both share an Eye lock with each other.

Krishna tells him that she can make a good coffee and then she thinks about Mohan going to the College. She wishes that he doesn’t get into trouble.

Mohan comes there and sees her working. He shouts that his Sister is not the maid to which Krishna tells him the Truth about their Relationship.

Mohan gets furious at the injustice happening to his sister and decides to expose them. Ananya provokes him more and decides to oust Krishna.

What will Happen Next?

Will Ananya Succeed?

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