Krishna Mohini needs audience support.

By Anil Merani: TV audiences are pretty interesting. On the one hand, they often complain about the same old family drama content, but when something unique like “Krishna Mohini” comes along, they don’t tune in.

‘Krishna Mohini’ is a Colors TV show that breaks the mould with its portrayal of sexual minorities, led by the dynamic duo of Debattama Saha and Fahmaan Khan. The show’s unique narrative, which sees Krishna (played by Debattama) supporting her transgender brother in his journey of self-discovery, is a compelling reason to lend your support.

Unfortunately, the show’s ratings are just 0.7. We all know that the channel will pull the plug if the numbers don’t improve. It’s understandable; no one wants to sustain a loss-making venture.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the courage of actors like Fahmaan and Debattama. They could have chosen a safer, more conventional show, but they bravely entered uncharted territory, aiming to break the monotony of TV content. Their boldness deserves our admiration and support.

As viewers, we wield the power to shape the future of TV content. By expressing our love for ‘Krishna Mohini,’ we can inspire other creators to delve into new narratives. Your support is not just for a show; it’s for a movement towards a more diverse and inclusive TV landscape. The choice is in our hands.

You might wonder why the show’s creators chose to portray this concept in a family setting, but that’s how most Indians live. Haven’t we heard cases where LGBTQ individuals have come out of the closet with family support?

Desi TV must tell more stories of sexual minorities, but for that, the first mover needs support. They might rely on clichés, but it’s essential to understand that they also have specific commercial needs. You can’t have arthouse cinema on TV.

Fans of Debattama and Fahmaan, your role in this is crucial. Now is the time to step up and help spread the word about the show. Your efforts can make a significant difference. Please encourage your friends and family to watch it on TV, not just online. Your idols need your support.

Is Karanavir Sharma’s tweet about supporting content an attempt to support Debattama? If genuine, kudos to Karanavir for helping a friend. They both came of age with “Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani.”