Krsna Vandana- 108 names and qualities of The Lord Krsnaa

A booklet and a song by Mugdha Veira Godse and Rahul Dev with The Grace of their spiritual Master ‘Tarneiv ji’  is here… 

Let’s get all details about their ’Krsna Vandana’ 


Mugdha Godse and Rahul Dev are one of the most adorable and loved couples in the Indian entertainment industry. The way they have embraced each other’s presence in their respective lives is truly wonderful and inspiring, and we love it. The duo maintains a healthy balance between their work, personal lives, and spiritual paths too! 

 The couple is now making headlines for the right reasons once again.

Mugdha Godse and Rahul Dev have come up with a special book and song called ‘Krsna Vandana’. 
The initiative started with their beloved spiritual master, Tarneiv Ji. and Mugdha has even sung the very devotional song herself. 
This ’Krsna Vandana’ has 108 names and qualities of Lord Krsnaa! Its a 15-minute-long song! Sung by Mugdha herself, Rahul has helped her pen down her beautiful journey in the book!

This booklet has intricate details of how the song lyrics and melody were blessed by their master and how everything, from the melody to the lyrics to singing it, took place. 

Mugdha and Rahul are very excited and want to share this blessing with the world! 

The booklet and the audio is already out  and available on all leading platforms. Stay tuned for more updates.