Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2021 Written Update: Sanjana meets Suhana

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Lawyer saying to the family that its better to settle it out of court as once it goes to court then the chances for the custody to go to Sanjana is high. He says that according to law, a blood relation holds more right on a child than anyone. Ishwari says Sonakshi brought her up from the time of her birth. Neha supports Sanjana and says that she has only Suhana. Lawyer says that Dev made a right decision to keep Sanjana in office as once she gets to meet Suhana time to time she wouldn’t make an issue. Everyone agrees with him and Lawyer leaves. Elena takes Sonakshi aside in the pretext of helping her and asks if she doesn’t know Sanjana’s intentions. She says that Sanjana met with tarot card reader and heard that there’s a road block between her and the man she loves which is obviously she. Sonakshi says that she doesn’t know as right now she cares only about Suhana. Radha interrupts their talks and they divert her attention.

A girl named Paridhi came barging into Dev’s office accusing the company for stealing her designs. Sanjana comes out hearing the noise and gets shocked seeing her. She recalls hacking the portal and replacing her name in the appointment letter instead of Paridhi to get to work in Dev’s office. It’s revealed that Sanjana is not an interior designer but a computer expert which is why she easily hacked the system. She even convinced Reena that she did study interior designing. Sanjana makes Paridhi leave before Dev enters. Paridhi leaves while Dev enters the office. He sees Sanjana and calls her to his cabin to discuss about Suhana. Sanjana signs in relief. Dev brings Sanjana home and Shubh happily hugs seeing her. Sanjana noticed Shubh troubling Ishwari to war food. She takes the bowl from her and feeds Shubh. Ishwari gets scared and asks Sonakshi whether she knows about her arrival and Sonakshi nods yes.

Sonakshi gives the doll house given by Sanjana and asks her to give it herself. Suhana comes there and Sanjana gets emotional seeing her. Suhana identified her as Shubh’s friend. Sanjana was about to confess the truth but stops herself. Suhana calls her to play with her. The kids prepare treasure hunt for Sanjana while Sanjana is making plans. They give the treasure hunt map to Sanjana and leaves. Sanjana finds the first clue in kitchen and learns that he second clue is in bedroom. She leaves to the bedroom with Shubh. Sonakshi and others stand helpless.

Precap : Sanjana will install camera in Dev and Sonakshi’s bedroom. She will burn in jealousy and will decide to start plan. She will fix Bijoy as get first target.

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