Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 13th October 2021 Written Update: Sanjana installs camera in Dev and Sonakshi’s room

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 18th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonakshi finding Sanjana missing in the kitchen. Sanjana is in Dev’s bedroom. She says that she will replace Sonakshi in the room. Sonakshi goes to her bedroom. Sanjana picks Sonakshi’s nuptial chain. She says that Sonakshi is so proud of wearing it and her love story will start after ripping it. She breaks the chain and the beads fall on floor. Sonakshi comes there and asks what’s she doing in her room. She starts checking her room and finds her broken nuptial chain. She gets shocked seeing it. Ishwari comes there and Sonakshi shows her the broken chain. Ishwari calls it inauspicious.

Sanjana says she doesn’t know as she just came. Sonakshi asks what was she doing there. Sanjana says she was playing treasure hunt with kids and came searching for clue. Suhana asks what’s she doing there as their next clue is in garden. She takes Sanjana with her. Ishwari leaves to pray to God. Sonakshi gets worried and picks the beads tensed and Dev prevents her from getting hurt in hurry. He makes her sit with him and calms her down. Dev speaks while reassembling the nuptial chain. He says Sonakshi that it’s inauspicious if the nuptial chain breaks but it will get more auspicious when it gets joined with love and care. He shows the reassembled nuptial chain to Sonakshi and she gets extremely happy. Dev himself ties it on get neck and they both happily shows it to Ishwari. Ishwari gets happy while Sanjana mocks them.

Ishwari calls Sanjana for food but Sanjana says that it’s getting late. Ishwari immediately keeps the food back. Neha finds it dude and points it out while Sanjana thinks that Ishwari has attitude. Ishwari doesn’t like Sanjana in the house and Sanjana takes her leave. She swears to comeback forever. Neha calls her nice girl. Sonakshi is applying oil on Suhana’s hair when Suhana praises Sanjana. Sonakshi gets upset but Suhana’s lovely words for her makes her happy.

Sonakshi and Dev are in room and Sanjana is watching them using the camera fitted in the doll. She hears about Sonakshi saying about her not liking Sanjana’s visit. Dev says its fine that she meets Suhana as there’s no big issue about it. Sanjana gets happy hearing the words. Sonakshi’s leg pains and Dev starts massaging it. Sanjana is watching Dev massaging Sonakshi’s legs and gets furious. Dev gets naughty with her. Dev asks her to do something for him too. She asks him to stand there. Sonakshi comes running to him and jumps in his arms. Sanjana fumes seeing their romance. Dev and Sonakshi falls on the bed laughing and gets closer. Sanjana closes her laptop furious. Sanjana picks a small doll and recalls Neha’s words. She thinks that she knows what to do. Sanjana decides to remove Dev’s name from Sonakshi’s name. She chooses Bijoy’s picture and laughs at it.

Precap : Sonakshi will get call from delivery person that Bijoy is not opening the door. Sonakshi will get worried and will leave to check on him. Both Sonakshi and Dev will open and will get shocked seeing Bijoy.

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