Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2021 Written Update : Ishwari blames Sonakshi and her family.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2021 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dev hugging Soha apologizing for breaking his promise. Dev asks her to get ready as he’s going to drop her. Dev says Sona that he can understand her situation but they can neither change the past nor escape from the truth. Soha and ishwari comes in and finds them tensed. She asks what’s the issue as they were late even yesterday. Dev lies that it’s just work stress. Ishwari questions Sonakshi when Soha says that she wrote essay for school competition and wants to read it out for them. Sonakshi says she’s busy but Ishwari asks if she’s so busy that she can’t spend two minutes for her kid. Sona asks her to say and she reads out the essay. Dev gets call from hospital that Rohit is no more. Dev and Sonakshi are shattered hearing it.

Dev and Sonakshi comes to Rohit’s home with Rohit’s parents. They thank Dev for all his help during the last rites. Dev consoles them and asks about Ayushman. Rohit’s mother says that he was crying for long and just slept. Sonakshi asks whether she can meet Ayush. They find Ayush sleeping in his room. Rohit’s mother says that Ayush is used to sleeping with holding Rohit’s hand. Sona asks about Rohit’s wife. Rohit’s mother says that Ayush was both son and mother to Rohit.

Sonakshi comes out and cries remembering Soha. Dev consoles her. Rohit’s mother says that it’s them who pressured Rohit’s wife for a boy which is why Rohit would have took the decision to exchange babies. Rohit’s father says that Dev promised Rohit to take care of Ayush as now they can’t bring him up due to their old age. Dev assures that he will fulfil both his promise as well duties. Sona asks them if Ayush knows the truth but they say no. When alone, Sona asks Dev to give some time to accept the truth for both themselves as well as Ayush.

Sona and Dev comes home while Sonakshi asks Ishwari to give nutrients to kids seeing her giving milk. Ishwari says she knows what to give and asks how come they are back so soon. Dev explains Ishwari about whatever happened and Ishwari is shocked to the core. She asks how’s it possible and asks Sona how didn’t she knew that it’s not her baby. Sona says she was unconscious due to c section but Ishwari is not convinced. She blames Sonakshi’s carelessness as the reason for whatever happened while Sona struggles to answer. She scolds Shubh who’s about to make a careless mistake. Ishwari asks her to first fulfil her responsibilities. She adds that one can’t become mother just by giving birth but should earn it.

Sonakshi cries over Ishwari’s words. Sonakshi notices that there’s only 15 minutes left for meeting and is about to go. Dev says she can’t reach on time and asks her to convert the meeting to video call. Sona tries arching but Dev convinces her stating fact. She leaves to change while Dev gets her laptop ready for meeting. Sona thanks him for his help. Dev goes out and meets his mother who looks troubled. She says she found him upset but he lied to her and asks if Sonakshi made him to lie.

Precap : Dev and Sonakshi brings Ayush home. Ishwari welcomes him.