Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2021 Written Update: Sanjana attempts to get Dev’s attention!

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 14th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonakshi apologizing Dev for spoiling his mood. She finds him checking out date plans to convince him and she asks about it. They both gets romantic. Sanjana thinks that Dev likes her. She says that it’s not her wish to come in between them but it’s her fate who brought them together. She says that Dev is only one and there’s no replacement for him. Her friend asks her to get out of her dream land as he’s not available. She says that he’s still alive which is enough. She gets a call from apartment secretary and says to her friend that since she’s single they need her company’s approval for security reasons. Sanjana thinks of a plan and calls Dev saying that Dev will definitely come there for solving it. Her friend asks why would he come for such a small issue but Sanjana believes that he will. Dev and Sonakshi are watching movie while Sonakshi thinks that no one can come between them. He gets Sanjana’s call who says about her problem. Dev says he will do something. Sanjana assures her friend that Dev will definitely come for her instead of spending time with his wife. They hear doorbell and she happily opens it thinking it to be Dev. However to her disappointment, it turns out to be Vicky. Vicky says he will speak with apartment secretary from company’s side. Dev calls her and says the same. Sanjana still thinks that she will make place in his heart if not today then tomorrow.

Dev and Sonakshi are getting ready when Sonakshi’s notices his good mood. Kids comes there and Shubh wears Dev’s shoes. Suhana asks Sonakshi to make fan for her Japanese woman drawing but Ayush brings it himself for her. Suhana likes it. Ayush helps Shubh when he’s about to fall and gets in Dev’s shoes. He says it’s perfect for him. Dev says it will be perfect for him once he starts taking care of Suhana and Shubh. They leave when Ishwari calls them for food. Dev is happy to see his cute family. He says that she don’t look like mother of three children. Sonakshi says but he looks like that. Dev gets offended and says that he’s still charming that everyone falls for him. He gets call from Sanjana who informs him that meeting got prepped. He rushes to office asking Sonakshi to pack his food. Sonakshi gets doubtful. She looks that the massage oil was gifted by Sanjana and wonders what’s her motive.

At office, Sanjana ordered breakfast for everyone. She thinks that she made Dev compensate for not arriving yesterday by preponing the meeting herself. Bijoy scolds Saurabh for the bill which increased due to ordering outside. Pg comes home after his boxing practice all injured. Bijoy scolds him and apply medicine. Pg’s father calls him but he ignores. He leaves without answering when Bijoy asks about it. He wonders the reason for it. Sonakshi is stress eating in her office when Jatin stops her. He asks what’s bothering her. She says whether he got gift from loved ones and he says he got from his wife. Sonakshi gets restless. The deal gets finalized and Sanjana congrats him by shaking hands. Dev finds weird when she doesn’t leave his hand.

Precap : Sanjana gets mesmerised seeing Dev in a Bollywood 90`s theme party. Sonakshi also comes there and she gets upset seeing them.

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