Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 20th October 2021 Written Update: Vicky gets arrested

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 20th October 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ishwari consoling Radha and Vicky to have food. They hear door bell when Inspector comes there. He will ask for Vikram and will try to get him arrested. Dev says he applied for anticipatory bail and the papers will be arriving soon. Inspector says they don’t have papers now and wants to arrest Vikram. Everyone tried stopping him but Inspector forcefully arrests Vikram and takes him away. Radha falls down on floor and cries. She pushes Sonakshi when she tries consoling her.

Radha confronts Ishwari about Dev’s being unable to save Vikram. She confronts Dev too. Dev says that he will bring back Vicky soon but Radha says that she lost trust on him. Radha faints and is taken inside. Ishwari sits devastated and Dev says he lost. Ishwari gives him hope that he will never lose. Lawyer calls Dev regarding Vicky’s bail as its Friday and Saturday and Sunday is holiday. Dev leaves with him. Sonakshi calls her friend to ask about the contact of a Lawyer.

Ishwari is sitting worried when Suhana and Ayush comes there. She asks how did they came alone. Sanjana comes there and says that she brought them. She says that as per schedule it’s Dev’s day to pick the kids but since he’s busy she picked them. Neha thanks her when Sanjana pretends to get landlord’s call. She pretends like landlord wants to vacate her by night and that she has no place to stay. Neha suggests to stay with them. Sanjana asks Ishwari if she can as she too wants to be close with Suhana. Ishwari doesn’t know what to answer when Sonakshi’s is comes there. Sanjana gets irked. Sonakshi scolds Suhana and Ayush for coming with outsiders.

Suhana says they said the same but Sanjana said that she’s also her family and even bought ice cream for them. Sonakshi scolds her for eating outside and asks her to stay away from outsiders. He sends them to get changed. Sonakshi snatches Sanjana’s phone and Sanjana asks why would she do that. Sonakshi says that’s how anyone would feel if they touch others things without their consent. She insults Sanjana and warns her that both Dev and she gave place in office as she’s Suhana’s Maasi. She shows her the door and Sanjana smirks going out.

Reena rings the doorbell and Sanjana opens it. She says she needs to use the washroom and goes in. Sanjana gets Dev’s call regarding the file and she was busy with it. Reena sees Sonakshi’s photo lying on floor and picks. She looks at the board and understands Sanjana’s madness. She takes her leave without asking anything. Elena forces Radha to have food but refuses. Ishwari will convince her and will ask her to not lose hope.

Precap : Reena comes to Dev’s office to talk about Sanjana.

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