Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Neha visits Dixit’s House

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 23th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ishwari upset about something when they hear door bell. Ishwari opens the door to find Neha there. She calls Dev and Sonakshi and everyone greets her. Neha behaves bit rude with Sonakshi but she doesn’t mind. Dev takes her to have food and talks about his work. Neha asks whether they are going to office even today. She’s about to say something when Ishwari stops her. Sonakshi notices it. Dev comes to Bijoy’s House to explain about payment transaction in online apps. Bijoy acts like he knows it well but Dev explains him indirectly. He carefully listens to him when pg passes by. Bijoy introduces him to Dev and they both notice wound on his face. Bijoy gets concerned and asks if he had boxing match but Pg denies. Dev says that it seems like some street fight injury. Bijoy scolds him for the same but Pg asks him to question the guys who just wants his blood. They take him to treat him.

Sonakshi asks Jatin to postpone her meetings as Neha is home. Ishwari comes there and forces Sonakshi to go to office. Sonakshi is hesitant due to Neha but Ishwari says she’ll handle it. Sonakshi leaves home. Bijoy and Dev are treating the pg who asks whether he’s not Indian. He says that just because his face doesn’t resemble like every other doesn’t mean that this is not his country. Dev and Bijoy feels bad for him and calls out to be very wrong. Bijoy asks Dev to do something saying that he’s such a nice guy. Dev asks him to message him the details about the location and he will speak with police. Pg thanks him.

Dev comes to office when Sanjana says she wants to say something important to him. Dev thinks that it’s about work related and asks her to come to his cabin. Sanjana decides to confess her feelings to Dev somehow. Sanjana is in Dev’s office and is about to confess but he once again misunderstands. Every time she tries one thing or other disturbs them frustrating her. Dev gets Sonakshi’s video call and he says Sanjana that they will speak later. Sanjana watches their talk hiding. Neha cribs to Ishwari about both Dev and Sonakshi forgetting the important day. Ishwari says they are busy with work but Neha is not convinced. She believes that no one cares about Ishwari. She also complaints that Ishwari is taking Sonakshi’s side. Ishwari says she don’t see any difference between her kids and suggests to do oil massage for her. Neha says she usually does it only to Dev but Ishwari says Sonakshi is doing Dev’s massage now. Neha meets with Ayush and Suhana and gifts them. She once again blames Sona family for the child swap. Ishwari asks her to be careful as the kids doesn’t know it yet.

Neha gives Ishwari’s husband’s watch to her and Ishwari gets emotional. Sanjana hears Sonakshi saying Dev about reaching home soon as Neha has come. Sonakshi shares that she feels Neha upset about something with her. Sanjana decodes that Sonakshi doesn’t share good relationship with his sister and decides to know more about it. Sonakshi is about to leave when Sanjana comes there as her final client. She checks her file and suggests a diet change. Sonakshi says about Neha visiting them when Sanjana says a line about feelings. It is the same which she said in the radio broadcast. Sonakshi is thinking where she heard it. Sanjana’s key chain naked gypsy girl falls down. Sonakshi identifies gypsy girl before she could see the key chain.

Precap : Sanjana gets Rohit’s (Ayush’s father) picture. She interrupts Dev and Sonakshi romance.

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