Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2021 Written Update: Dev and Sonakshi patch up after their fight

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 26th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonakshi calling Ayush. She shows him Sudoku and teaches him how to solve. It all turns out to be her dream. She gives the game to Ayush but he says that he will finish his sketch. She tries having conversation with him but he doesn’t respond. Sonakshi keeps looking him. Ishwari greets Bijoy. Mami brings sweets for Bijoy. She asks him to have it in the happiness of getting their child back. She taunts them indirectly for not knowing about the baby swap even being there with her.

 Bijoy taunts her back for not even knowing about her pregnancy. Mami supports Ishwari saying that it’s Sonakshi who left the house and didn’t inform about her pregnancy. Bijoy blames Ishwari for mentally harassing Sona to spend time with Ayush. Ishwari says that Ayush is her child and they need to create a bond. Ishwari and Bijoy fight that its Ayush’s right which was given to Suhana all these years and so Sonakshi should spend time with him. Dev comes there and Bijoy blesses him to have some sense. Ishwari gets offended with his blessing for which Bijoy says that he blessed them with something which they don’t have. He asks whether they legally adopted Ayush so that they don’t face problems in the future. Dev agrees with him and assures to do it soon. Bijoy says he need to have a talk with Dev.

Dev and Bijoy move aside and Bijoy confronts Dev for not understanding Sona and pressuring her to accept changes. He asks him to behave like a good husband and understand his wife. Dev gets offended with his words and says that he knows to take care of his family and doesn’t need anyone’s advise. Later, Sona gave ice cream for all the kids. She gives chocolate ice cream to Ayush and Suhana demands Ayush’s ice cream. Ayush refuses to give but soon while arguing his ice cream falls down.

Suhana mocks at him and is about to have her ice cream. Ishwari will scold her and asks her to share it with Ayush but she denies. Sonakshi takes ice cream from Suhana and gives it to Ayush. Suhana leaves crying to complaint to Dev. Dev gets angry on call when the other side stated issues in demolishing the illegal stays. Suhana cries to him regarding the ice cream. Dev gets irritated and shouts at Suhana. Sonakshi sees it. She asks Dev why did he behave so with Suhana but Dev vents out his frustration on her too.

Sonakshi consoles a crying Suhana who’s angry at everyone. She says that everyone are doing injustice with her. Sonakshi explains her that Ayush is a guest and they need to treat him well. She asks her to consider him her brother but Suhana denies saying he’s not her brother. She says she hates Ayush and leaves the place. Ishwari hears it and confronts Sonakshi for invoking wrong thoughts in Suhana’s mind. She says Ayush is the house’s child and its only girls who has to leave the house after marriage. She says she should’ve explained that way and blames themselves for spoiling Suhana so much.

 Sonakshi says that Suhana is too small to understand all this but Ishwari leaves tainting. Sonakshi is surprised seeing Ishwari’s complete change in behaviour towards Suhana. At night, Dev pacified Sona and pleads her to share her problems with him before her father. They both make up. He makes arrangements to demolish the illegal stays.

Precap : Dev says Sonakshi about legally adopting Ayush. Suhana and Golu locks Ayush in dark room.

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