Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 29th July 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi and Ayush spend some quality time together.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 29th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonakshi asking Dev if all OK. Dev says no and says that if his lifeline Sonakshi is not with him then nothing is OK. Sonakshi says she’s with him. Dev lifts her up and gets romantic with her. Sonakshi apologizes for Ayush’s admission and Dev says it’s fine. He says about meeting Mr and Mrs. Varma. She asks what happened. Dev says about them asking time and he says he can understand. Sonakshi says when they can send Ayush with them why can’t they sign the papers. Dev says they are emotional as they considered him their grandson and soon they will sign it. They both go to sleep hugging.

Dev tries making Suhana smile but she is angry at him. He says that they get angry on those who are their people. Suhana says that from the time Ayush came to the house she felt like an outsider. Dev says that Ayush’s parents have gone to another world and they are helping to bring back his lost smile. He says that doesn’t mean they don’t love her anymore and asks her to understand. He manages to convince Suhana and she finally smiles.

Sonakshi comes to Suhana and Ayush’s room. She finds Suhana’s bed unorganised while Ayush was completely organised. She looks at Ayush’s cooking picture with Rohit and thanks Rohit for bringing him up in such a great way. She also gets an idea seeing the picture. Ayush comes there and Sonakshi apologizes him got Suhana’s behaviour. Ayush states that Suhana apologized him already. Sonakshi says that Suhana is not a bad girl but is just herself and pleads him to understand her situation. Ayush accepts. He’s about to leave when Sonakshi whether she’s interested to cook with her. Ayush gets happy and immediately agrees.

Elena comes to the café and one guy deliberately hits her. Her things fall down and he helps her picking it up with an evil motive. Sonakshi and Ayush starts making pizza and Sonakshi is surprised that he can handle fire well in such an young age. Ayush says that his father taught him how to handle stove and cries remembering him. She consoles him and they both starts making pizza. They both spend some quality time and Mami shows it to Ishwari . They both gets relieved that they’ve started bonding. They decide to stop Suhana from interrupting their moment. Suhana is still angry at Ishwari for scolding her and wants to show Sonakshi her instrument playing. Mami and Dadi kept her busy so that she doesn’t disturb Sonakshi and Ayush.

The guy sits on the same table with Elena and Elena finds him creepy. She messages the admirer and the admirer says that he couldn’t make it and apologizes her for the same. Elena is relieved that the creep before her is not her admirer while the guy smirks at her. Vicky buys ice cream for both Suhana and Ayush and they both leave. Ishwari thanks him for buying for Ayush too and making him assure that he’s a part of the family too. Vicky says that Golu said about her scolding Suhana. Ishwari says sometimes it’s necessary to scold children for showing them the right path. Mami says Sonakshi bonded well sigh Ayush as Suhana was away from Sonakshi. Ishwari agrees and makes a request to Vicky to take Suhana with Golu to his home for few days and in the meantime Ayush can bond well with Sonakshi. Vicky agrees.

At office, Sonakshi happily shares with Jatin about making pizza with Ayush and offers it to him. She also says that after long she felt like she got his no ego Dev back. She’s extremely elated. Dev calls Sonakshi for a date to café and Sonakshi happily agrees. Jatin teases get and is happy to see their old love back. Sonakshi waits for Dev while Dev is celebrating with his secretary about their success. Secretary takes him with him that Dev misses Sonakshi’s calls.

Precap : Dev comes to admit Ayush to school and says that he’s his child. The Principal asks for Ayush’s name and he will say as Ayush Rohit Varma. Principal says its necessary to get a legal guardian’s consent for admission which they don’t have.

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