Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Sonakshi lashes out at Ishwari.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd August 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dev explaining Mr. Varma about how it’s good for Ayush to study in the school for his bright future. He says that he knew well that his place in Ayush’s heart will be the same forever but if he doesn’t sign Ayush’s adoption papers then it can be a problem. Mr. Varma thinks and says that he’s right. He says he will speak with Lawyer and will sign the adoption papers as soon as possible. They both gets shocked seeing Ayush.

Ayush is at home with Dev and Sonakshi. Ayush asks what his Dadaji was talking about and what sign he is saying. Dev says that it’s for his school admission. Ayush says he said something about right and what does that mean. Sonakshi says that it’s just legal formality stating that they are his guardian. Ayush says that it’s such a simple thing but why Dadaji was so upset about it. Dev says that they are just changing his surname but Ayush says that he’s only Ayush Rohit Varma. Dev says if they don’t change his name then people would think that they have forcefully kidnapped him. Sonakshi says that he’s Ayush Rohit Varma only but in his heart but for formality it will be Ayush Dev Dixit. Ayush is against it and says she always wants to be called Ayush Rohit Varma and leaves. Dev looks upset. Ayush speaks with his father’s picture and recalls the time he taught him to write his name. He says that he’s always his father.

Ayush is watering plants when Dev comes there. He finds Ayush still upset and asks him to share his issues once he’s back but he says that he has nothing to share. Dev leaves sad. Ishwari comes there with fruits. He says that he will eat later and thanks her calling her aunty. Ishwari asks him to refer her Dadi and say what he wants with right but Ayush leaves without answering.

Ishwari wonders why he’s not getting close with them despite trying so much.

Sonakshi comes to pick Suhana and finds Elena’s laptop open. She reads the chat with her admirer when Elena immediately closes the topic. Elena tries to divert the topic when  Sonakshi warns her about the possibilities for the guy to be a stalker or psycho. She warns her to not let down the Family’s image. Suhana and Golu comes there. She gives chocolates to both and  She asks about Suhana for which Elena said despite why she is here she had a good time with Golu. Sonakshi asks what does she mean for which Elena reveals that it’s Ishwari who sent Suhana there so that she can bond with Ayush. Sonakshi gets shocked hearing it. Elena once again chats with her admirer and said about what Sonakshi said to her. He asks what did she decide. Elena says that he’s actually very lonely real which is why he wanted to chat with celebrity. He gets upset reading it.

Dev is in his office when one of the resident of the land came pleading to him to not vacate them as her granddaughter is in coma and the hospital is near the place. Dev scolds the Secretary for letting her in and says the lady that he has nothing personal against but he bought the land legally and wants to construct his dream project there. He asks his secretary to help her with her granddaughter’s treatment. Sonakshi comes home and Ishwari sees Suhana. Sonakshi questions Ishwari about sending Suhana to Golu’s house so that she can spend time with Ayush. Ishwari asks what wrong did she do as she’s not taking any step to bond with Ayush.

Sonakshi shouts at her and says that she wants her children to be free and not worship her like Dev does. She says that she wants them to be independent and take their own decision. She says that she don’t want to become another Ishwari nor does she want Ayush to become another Dev. Dev listens everything while Ishwari gets stunned. Dev consoles her. Ayush gifts Suhana a paper craft and she really likes it. She asks him to teach her to make one too and he agrees. When they’ve were about to play they hear Dev and Sonakshi fighting. Dev shouts at her for speaking like that with his mother. Sonakshi blames him back for always being blind when it comes to his mother. She reminds him about the time she came when Suhana was born and she sent her away only by gate. She blames him for not being with her when she raised Suhana alone. Suhana blames Ayush that all this is because of him and says everything changed after his entry. She worries that her parents will divorce and explains what’s divorce to Ayush. She leaves upset.

Precap : Ishwari plans to change Ayush’s name and Ayush hears it. Suhana says everything happens in the house as per her Daadi’s wish. Sonakshi gets a call and gets shocked.