Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3 Weekly Update: Sanjana attempts to kill Bijoy.

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Sony TV’s most popular show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is back with season 3 as per audience’s request. The new season proved to entertain the audience with even more twists and turns in the lives of the happily married couple Dev and Sonakshi. The nine years of togetherness changed a lots of dynamics in their relationship. The story first focused on Dev and Sonakshi’s long lost child Ayush and how he adjusted with his new identity Ved. Now it focuses on Sanjana, Dev’s obsessive lover who’s about to bring a storm in his life.

In the past week we have witnessed, Dev agreed to give a second chance to Sanjana. Sonakshi was against it but Dev took her aside and explained why its important for Sanjana to be there for the sake of Suhana. Sonakshi agreed unwilling. In the meantime, Sanjana hacked Dev’s laptop with virus and got access to his camera. She spoke to with Sonakshi in car and gifted a doll house to Suhana. Sonakshi accepted it with force. Sanjana was watching Dev from her home using the hacked camera of his laptop. Sonakshi’s and Dev shared with Ishwari about their decision to let Sanjana work in the office. Lawyer came there and informed that Sanjana held more rights on Suhana than Sonakshi and appreciated their idea to keep Sanjana working there.
However Elena was against it. She questioned Sonakshi about it but Sonakshi said that now her priority is Suhana. A girl barged onto Dev’s office claiming Sanjana’s designs as hers. Sanjana recalled hacking Dev’s official site to replace her details instead of the girl who’s the real designer of her works. Sanjana did it out of her obsession for Dev. She got scared and immediately sent her out before she could meet Dev. Dev brought Sanjana home to meet Suhana and Sonakshi made Sanjana gift the doll house to Suhana by herself. Sanjana got emotional seeing Suhana. Soon she bonded with the children and started playing treasure hunt with them. Sanjana made use of the game and went to Sonakshi and Dev’s bedroom. 

Sanjana found Sonakshi’s nuptial chain and broke it while Sonakshi got shocked seeing the broken chain. She got emotional while Ishwari called it inauspicious. Dev consoled upset Sonakshi and once again joined the broken chain and tied it back on her neck. Sanjana found that Ishwari did not like her presence in the house and swore to stay there forever once she comes again. Before leaving Sanjana had installed hidden camera in Dev and Sonakshi’s room. She watched them through the camera and got furious seeing them getting romantic. She closed the laptop furiously and decided to harm a family member of Sonakshi. She chose Bijoy for it. Sanjana made use of Aasha’s project to execute her plan.
She visited Bijoy’s House in the pretext of learning Aasha’s interests but was shocked to find Sonakshi there. She changed her plan and left her diary knowingly in the house. She left with Sonakshi so that she doesn’t doubt her. However soon she came back and attacked Bijoy by electrocuting him. She left him to die. Sonakshi rushed to Bijoy’s House with Dev when they got no response from him and got shocked seeing Bijoy’s condition. Sonakshi’s and Dev immediately rushed Bijoy to hospital and Sonakshi was crying terribly. Sanjana prepared a feast for her victory but was shocked to see her friend Reena at her door step. She hid her plan board from her and waited for Bijoy’s death news.

Everyone especially Dev stood with Sonakshi in her difficult time. Sanjana learnt from Neha that Bijoy is alive and visited the hospital to kill Bijoy. She was waiting for the right time. 

In the future episodes we will witness, Sanjana will be about to strangle Bijoy when Saurabh and Ronita will come there. Sanjana will be hiding behind the curtain and Saurabh will see it.

Will Sanjana succeed in her plan? Will Dev and Sonakshi realize her intention before its too late?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. 

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