Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Weekly Update: Sonakshi’s bonding with Ayush.

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Sony TV’s most popular show Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is back with season 3 as per audience’s request. The new season proved to entertain the audience with even more twists and turns in the lives of the happily married couple Dev and Sonakshi. The nine years of togetherness changed a lots of dynamics in their relationship while their whole life turned upside down with a single truth that came striking like a wind.

In the past week we have witnessed,  Sonakshi tried building a bond with Ayush but Ayush stayed distant. Bijoy visited Dixit’s House and he got irritated with the way Ishwari blamed every fault on Sonakshi. He taunted her back when Dev came there. He mocked Dev too angering him and Bijoy asked if he adopted Ayush legally to avoid further problems.
Dev said that the forgot about it and Bijoy taunted him. He gave gifts to kids and took Dev inside. He spoke in favour of Sonakshi and they both indulged in war of words. Dev got terribly upset. Ayush got introduced to Bijoy. Sonakshi gave ice cream of different flavours to the children. Suhana demanded the chocolate ice cream from Ayush but Ayush doesn’t give it.

Accidentally his ice cream fell and Sonakshi gave Suhana’s ice cream to Ayush. Suhana got frustrated and left angrily to complaint to Dev. Dev who was busy in his call scolded Suhana for disturbing him. Sonakshi consoled a crying Suhana and tried to make her understand but in vain. Dev apologized Sonakshi for behaving rude. They both got romantic.

Dev apologized Suhana too for scolding her. Ishwari tried feeding kachoris forcefully to Ayush and Sonakshi suggested Ayush to make Veg Sandwiches. They both enjoyed making sandwich and Ishwari admired. Sonakshi got to know that Ishwari forgot to buy Suhana’s snacks and kept the sandwich she just made in her tiffin box disappointing Ayush.

Ayush felt bad and Ishwari got upset seeing it. Elena and Vicky have a tough married life as they bought doesn’t interact much with each other with both running after money and fame. 

Dev indulged in a fight while vacating few illegal entries from his land and Sonakshi got shocked seeing it. Dev discussed with his lawyer about Ayush’s adoption papers. Ishwari got worried seeing Dev hurt and Sonakshi treated him.
Next day, Dev visited Mr and Mrs Varna to talk about the legal documents but they asked for some time. Suhana and Golu decided to prank on Ayush and pretended like playing with him. They locked him inside store room scaring him. Mami ji rescued Ayush and Ishwari enquired him about who locked him in the store room.

She got to know that it’s Suhana and questioned her why she troubled Ayush. Suhana lied that she didn’t and Ishwari got angry at her. Soha complained to Dev about Ishwari hurting her and Dev asked what did she do. Ishwari explained what Suhana did and Dev scolded her too. Ishwari blamed Sonakshi for spoiling Suhana. 

Vicky complained Elena that she don’t spend enough time with him and Golu. Elena I’m her frustration agreed to meet with her social media admirer. Sonakshi came home with Bijoy after vaccinating and supported Dev when he taunted Dev. She met with Dev who said about whatever happened and blamed her for spoiling Suhana.
Sonakshi reasoned that Suhana was insecure and assured to speak with her. Sonakshi spoke with Suhana and tried making her understand. They assured her that she don’t have to be insecure of anything. Dev also assured Ishwari that he would make everything right and Sonakshi supported him.

Next day Dev explained Suhana that why they pamper Ayush more and asked her to understand. Sonakshi found Ayush’s picture with his father and got an idea to bond with him. She proposed Ayush to make pizza with him and he immediately agreed. They both made pizza and Ayush got reminded of his father.

Sonakshi consoled him and Ishwari got happy seeing them bonding. Ishwari and Mami held Suhana from meeting Sonakshi so that she doesn’t spoil their moment. Elena’s admirer stalked her as some other person and lied that she didn’t meet him. He seemed to be obsessed over her.

Sonakshi shared with Jatin about everything coming back to normal and her bonding with Ayush. Dev called Sonakshi out for a coffee date. He got a big success and he forgot about this plans with Sonakshi. Sonakshi waited for Dev for long. Ishwari asked Vicky to take Suhana hone with Golu so that Sonakshi can bond with Ayush. Vicky agreed.

Sonakshi came hone and got to know about Suhana went to Golu’s house. She gave the gifts she bought for Ayush to him and Ayush thanked her calling aunty. Mami asks him to call mother but he refused. Sonakshi video called Elena and Bijoy and Bijoy identified her upset face. The distance once again entered Dev and Sonakshi’s life.

Suhana and Golu were playing while Elena was busy texting her admirer. Golu felt left out. Dev was glad to hear that Sonakshi trying to bond with Ayush. Ishwari was upset that Ayush doesn’t consider them his family. Dev assured that everything will be fine with time. Dev and Sonakshi visited for Ayush’s admission in school and the Principal denied giving admission as they are not legal guardians. Dev took Ayush to Varmas and urged them to sign the legal documents but Mr. Varma refuses to do so. 

In the future episodes we will witness, Sonakshi will learn from Elena that it’s Ishwari who has sent Suhana to their house so that she can bond with Ayush. On the other hand, Ishwari who will be upset that Ayush doesn’t consider them his family will take help from Pandit to change Ayush’s heart. The Pandit will suggest to change Ayush’s name for him to accept them. Ayush will be shocked to hear it. 

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