Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Mani shares her fear with her family

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 3rd April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Naren showing his family about the well where Nandini’s mother committed suicide. Jalpa recalls HemRaj’s information about Nandini’s family in the beginning, so she raised a question about it. Naren takes a stand for Nandini and her family members. His family members pay respect to Nandini’s late mother, Surbhi. Nandini, who arrives there, gets emotional seeing Naren’s family, who is paying respect to her late mother. Jalpa and Kinjal tease Nandini. Nandini informs them about her tuition classes. Jalpa compares both Chanchal and Nandini, which makes Chanchal uneasy. Naren asks Nandini’s opinions about Chanchal. Nandini tells Chanchal that the latter is just like her mother, which brings a smile to everyone’s face. Both Nandini and Chanchal share a hug. The Ratansi’s leaves for Rajkot.

The Ratansi’s reaches Rajkot. Hetal inquires with Chanchal about the reason behind her being silent after meeting Nandini. She also asks her whether she likes Nandini or not. Chanchal tells her that she likes Nandini and is a very good girl. She further tells Hetal that she has seen the latter’s resemblance in Nandini. But she has started following the rules of HemRaj after the years passed, and she worries that Nandini may not follow HemRaj’s rules because she belongs to a new generation. Hetal tells Chanchal that Nandini may refuse to oblige to HemRaj’s rules. Chanchal gets worried.

In Upleta, Nandini reaches her house. She gets shocked seeing the state of Mani, so she calls out both Ishwar and Mitesh. They both arrive there. Mani shares her fear with Naren’s family, who is the wealthiest, so they may not able to fulfil the demands of Naren’s family. Nandini tells Mani that they can break this alliance, which shocks and worries Ishwar. Ishwar convinces both Nandini and Mani. Nandini talks about Naren’s family, who didn’t demand anything from them. Ishwar gets tensed, recalling HemRaj’s demand to fix the alliance, but he puts up an act of agreeing with Nandini’s words. Nandini hugs Mani.

In Ratansi’s house, the entire family is in the dining room. Anusya Baa inquires with the Ratansi ladies about their visit to Nandini’s house. Kinjal praises the beauty of Nandini and also her smartness. Hetal speaks high of Nandini. Chanchal also tells that Nandini is indeed a good girl and also a right choice for their family. Jalpa tells the family members about meeting Nandini, and at that time, Nandini is cleaning her house, so once Nandini becomes their daughter in law they can let their house help go to her house. Anusya Baa scolds Jalpa, but the latter ignores her. She further badly criticises Nandini and her entire family. Hetal and Chanchal get upset. Jigar laughs loudly. HemRaj shouts at Jalpa about her criticism towards Nandini and her family members. He also warns not to cross the limits, then he leaves. Jalpa gets upset while Chanchal gets happy with HemRaj’s act. Later, Chanchal thanks HemRaj also she informs him about Nandini’s nature. After HemRaj leaves the place, Chanchal worries that Nandini’s nature may offend HemRaj in the future.

Precap: Nandini causes chaos, which leads Ishwar to face HemRaj’s anger.

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