Kulfi and Bhola ‘hit n miss’ moment ahead in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Star Plus Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing exciting twist with Lovely and Nandini’s growing friendship and Lovely started doubting Sikander.

Kulfi and Bhola ‘hit n miss’ moment ahead in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

In Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, so far in the episodes, after Chandan raises his voice and threatens Kulfi, she gets a vibe that Sikander is fooling everyone. Lovely tries to calm down Kulfi saying he has a big accident thus behaving weird. Kulfi’s answer left Lovely to think over Sikander’s behavior. Kulfi says to Lovely that accident might have impact on Sikander’s mind but how his heart and behavior got changed so much. Lovely thinks on what Kulfi said.

Later, Kulfi calls Rocket and tells him that she is confirmed that this Sikander is not her father and she wants to find his Baba anyhow. Rocket tells to Kulfi that he will help her. There, Chandan once again prepares Kulfi to sing for the money. Kulfi behaves rudely with him but he threatens Kulfi and says to behave properly with him else he will not leave him if he not gets money. Lovely ask Sikander why he is making Kulfi to sing. Sikander’s answer stuns the whole family. Sikander tells to everyone that he is doing to earn for Amyra. He says he can’t sing now on his behalf Kulfi will earn money and will run the house through his singing.

Now in the upcoming episode, viewers will see Bhola and Kulfi hit n miss moment.

Chandan will force Kulfi to perform at a birthday party which will also be attended by Bhola. Bhola will help her by singing the last few lines of the song and will complete it. Kulfi will be in  dilemma after hearing Bhola’s voice during the performance. Here, Rocket will land in trouble. Later, Lovely will hunt for clues.

What next happens in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will be interesting to watch.

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