Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 29th August 2019 written update:- Kulfi to Find Matka

The episode begins with Kullfi and Amyra’s conversation with kalti and friends. They tell Kullfi and Amyra they don’t want to talk. Amyra tells them that there is a ghost in their room. She signs to Kullfi to play along. Kalti asks Kullfi why she’s holding her stomach. She says her stomach starts aching whenever she gets scared. Jhangiya asks them to leave society and go if there’s a ghost. Amyra and Kullfi says they won’t leave and will fight the ghosts. Kalti’s friends threaten that the electricity to Kullfi’s room would be cut and from next day they won’t let them fill water either but Kullfi and Amyra strongly deny to leave the place. Kalti’s friend says a child went missing because of them leaving them shocked. Kamini warns Loveleen to not mess with her. The prison officer tells Loveleen that she has a visitor.

Kulfi asks how they can be responsible for a child going missing as they’re new to society. Kalti says a poor boy Matka came to their society when Mumbai was flooding due to rain. Himmat asked him to leave but the society people gave him food and secretly made him stay in room 11.

When Sikander rented the room Himmat found out about Matka hiding in there and sent him away. Jhangiya says till now they couldn’t find Matka and it’s all because of Sikander, Kullfi and Amyra renting that room. Kullfi says it isn’t their fault and they didn’t know about Matka. Amyra says not to blame them. Jhangiya says the society people will keep troubling them till they leave the place. Loveleen asks Sikander to help release her from jail. Sikander says she has a chance to repent.

Loveleen says she doesn’t need any repentance and wants to go back home. Sikander says Jimmy betrayed him and took over the house. Loveleen asks him to do something quickly and get back their house. Sikander says he’ll work in the right way and earn money even if it takes a long time. He asks her to repent for her mistakes like he is and they will wait for her. Kullfi self-talks that she searched the streets and asked everyone but no one saw Matka leave. She wonders where he could’ve disappeared to. Chuza tells kalti if others get to know about them helping Kullfi, they’ll be in trouble. Kalti says you’re doing this for me.

Kalti tells Kullfi that they searched everywhere but couldn’t find Matka. Amyra gets them Pizza for free by fooling the delivery boy. Kullfi says it’s wrong and tells them not to eat it. Pizza goes missing and Kullfi tells Amyra to keep it back. Amyra says she doesn’t have it. They find the empty Pizza box and wonders who could’ve eaten the pizza. Kullfi says Matka must’ve eaten the Pizza and he’s still hiding somewhere around. Kalti’s friends make fun of her. Kullfi tells Amyra now they don’t have to leave. They just have to find him. The lights go off and they get scared.

Amyra says she’s not used to a powercut. Kalti and friends say they enjoy it as they get break from studies. The whole society’s electricity goes off and kids get happy. Kalti comes back and says he did it. Society people are disturbed because of power cut.

Yusuf tells sandy that since they cut off room 11’s power supply, in return they would’ve cut off everyone’s power supply. Sandy tells everyone that room 11 tenants have cut off their power supply and everyone goes to question them. Kalti and friends hide Kullfi and Amyra. They all search for Matka. They feel a presence behind them but find nobody. A box falls in front of them and they get scared.

Precap: Kulfi and friends find Matka.