Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi and Bhola’s meeting will bring twist in the show!

High voltage drama ahead in Star Plus Kulfi Kumar Bajewala after Kulfi met Bhola.

Show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is witnessing edge of the seat drama with Kulfi finding her father and comes to know that he has turned Bhola because of memory loss.

Kulfi and Rocket escapes from goons and comes back home. Chandan sees Rocket and doubts him. He confirms from his men about Rocket’s appearance and asks them to keep an eye on Rocket and Kulfi.

Kulfi hears Bhola’s voice and gets happy. She and Rocket goes to Nargis Park and meets Pakhi. Kulfi ask Pakhi about Bhola and Pakhi rudely reply to her. Kulfi tells her she won’t go unless she meets Bhola. Meanwhile, Bhola calls out for Pakhi. Kulfi turns around and sees Bhola. She gets happy and runs towards him.

Kulfi gets shocked when Bhola addresses her as an angle and remembers nothing. Rocket too gets confused. Sikander tell Kulfi that he is Pakhi’s father not her. Pakhi tells Bhola that Kulfi is not any angle but a witch. Bhola hugs Pakhi and goes with her. There Chandan comes to know that Sikander Singh Gill is still alive and orders to kill him.

In the upcoming episode, Kulfi will sing Sikander’s favorite song and Bhola will complete it. She is will get confirm that Bhola is her father. She will happily goes to tell everyone but as per the sources Chandan will act smart and he will threaten Kulfi not to disclose Bhola’s truth to anyone.

How Kulfi will expose Chandan and what Chandan will do next after knowing Bhola’s truth, will be interesting to watch. Also Loveleen’s growing friendship with Nandini will also bring twist, so keep watching Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

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