Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Will kulfi saves her father Sikander?

Star Plus popular show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is all set for a major twist in their story line. Earlier it’s seen that Lovely finds the report but Sikander lies to it to be fake and calms Lovely. Now it will be seen that Lovely will find out about Sikander’s lie and he’s actually dying and breaks down. On the other hand Kulfi is on a spree to prove Sikander that Trust will definitely give hope for a happy ending.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Sikander gets to know about Kulfi knowing his illness. Kulfi gives him hope saying that if they firmly trust and believe something then they would definitely get the hope of achieving it. Sikander though is not convinced with Kulfi’s words still agrees for her happiness. In the meantime Lovely reads the reports of Sikander and gets shocked. Later Sikander returns with Kulfi and everyone gets extremely happy. Lovely questions Sikander about the reports but Sikander lies that they are fake. Kulfi will plead ro doctor to save her father who says that he has only thirty days left shocking Kulfi.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Sikander says Kulfi about him missing his mouth organ. He also says that Trust alone cannot make things possible and asks her to not get disheartened in the end. Kulfi decides to revive her father’s trust by finding the mouth organ which he is missing dearly and prove that Trust can make anything happen. In the meantime Lovely sees Sikander having tablets hiding and decides to find the truth. She sends it to her friend who tells about Sikander’s condition and Lovely finds that Sikander lied to her. She breaks down crying. Later Doctor calls Sikander and says that their last hope too vanished as the other doctor said that he could not be saved.

Will Kulfi gets succeeded in reviving her father hope? Will Sikander gets saved?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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