Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 10th December 2019: Vijaya Laxmi blames Sikander

The episode starts with Kulfi and Sikander in car on their way to Vijaya Laxmi home. Sikander describes how talented Vijaya Laxmi is and how beautiful she is. He also says about her artistic taste. Kulfi listens to everything happily. She’s in a hurry to reach to Chandnur.

Both reach her place and Kulfi immediately rings the bell. Sikander is very nervous to meet her after years. They both waited after ringing the bell but none opens the door. They were about to leave as Kulfi urges him. Suddenly Vijaya Laxmi opens the door in a very bad state.

They both gets shocked seeing her condition and Kulfi asks Sikander about it. Sikander silences her. Vijaya Laxmi welcomes they both in and they gets shocked seeing the house exactly opposite as they expected. After talking with her they realized that she thinks them to be someone else. Sikander and Kulfi introduces them self. She asks them to wait and goes in.

In the meantime Lovely calls Sikander and says about his words hurting her. Sikander asks her to not take it in the wrong sense. He cuts the call saying that he’s at Vijaya Laxmi’s house for the deal as per her idea and cuts the call. Lovely gets irked. It’s been more than an hour and Vijaya Laxmi didn’t come out yet. Sikander and Kulfi goes in to check on her and finds her stranding lost they both gets worried and understands that she’s unwell. Kulfi urges him to from there but Sikander asks her to wait. He calls Revathy ji to inform about Vijaya Laxmi condition. She says that she is not well again and asks them to go and she will come in some time.

Lovely is fuming at the fact that Sikander doesn’t care about her. She decides to follow her friend’s advise to first settle herself and Amayra. She doesn’t care about Sikander anymore as he only cares about Kulfi. In the meantime Vijaya Laxmi sees Sikander and shouts at him to get out. She identifies him as Sikander and blames him for ruining her life. She shows him the empty walls were she has decided to put up the poster of her first album. She shows him the empty places where her musical instruments were kept once. She blames him for ruining her life completely. Later once again she gets memory attack and forgets him and faints.

Doctor injects Vijaya Laxmi and Revathy says about a singer who ditched Vijaya Laxmi in the last minute of her first album release which actually turns out to be Sikander. She says industry ditched her as she got indebted to a huge loan which resulted in losing her mental ability. Doctor advises that another incident happened along with it and that’s the reason she’s in this condition. He asks them to recreate that moment to cure her.

Kulfi wants to go Chandnur but Sikander says that Vijaya Laxmi life is more important than vacation. Kulfi worries as its for treatment and not vacation.

Precap : Sikander meets two people to recreate the old moment for Vijaya Laxmi.