Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 11th December 2019: Sikander and Kulfi recreate the old moment

The episode starts with Kulfi worrying about taking Sikander to Chandnur. He says that he can’t till he recovers Vijaya Laxmi ji. He’s responsible for her condition. Kulfi asks why did he do so in the past. Sikander says that he was hungry for money and he got into the words of Lovely’s father that the industry will not recognize those with ladies much. Kulfi asks is it true. Sikander denies immediately and asks her to not believe it. He asks her to not make the same mistake as his by trusting those words.

He gets determined to cure Vijaya Laxmi. Kulfi asks how’s it possible to recreate the ten years old situation. Sikander gets his idea from Kulfi’s words. He calls tabla artist Juman and asks him to bring harmonium artist with him.

They all meet and its seen that Juman goes to washroom frequently and harmonium artist sleeps any time and anywhere. They all have become too old. Kulfi is nervous about taking Sikander to Chandnur. Sikander informs about Vijaya Laxmi situation to them. They blames him for her condition. He says about his plan of recreating the old moment to get her memory back. They hear her singing the same song she sang ten years back before the rehearsal. Sikander says that she’s still waiting for them to do the rehearsal and begs them agree. Kulfi urges everyone in.

They meet Vijaya Laxmi ji who identifies them as someone else. She goes in and they decide to wait. In the meantime Juman and the Harmonium artist goes to washroom and sleep respectively. Kulfi thinks that in order to take Sikander to Chandnur she needs to help him recover Vijaya Laxmi ji else he’ll not come with her. She takes Sikky’s place and starts singing. The artists automatically gets drowned in her music and signs like playing their instruments.

She gives them confidence and says that artists never have any retirement and they can still play their instruments. She finally manages to convince them and Sikander brings their Tabla and Harmonium.

Vijaya Laxmi comes there and Sikander starts singing while the artists played their instruments. They get her drowned in the music when suddenly Juman starts playing wrong. He says about nature call and rushes to the washroom much to Sikky and Kulfi’s dismay. Once he comes back they start again but this time the harmonium artists falls asleep. Both Sikky and Kulfi gets fed up so is Vijaya Laxmi. Kulfi gets an idea to make Juman wear diaper.

Juman at first protest against it but Kulfi convinces him. She then ties the harmonium artist’s hair to a chair so that he will be awake due to the pain. Sikander sighs in relief.

Precap : Vijaya Laxmi gets cured and Kulfi asks if they can now go to Chandnur. Sikander says that album is still left and they have to the recording. Kulfi gets worried.