Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 12th December 2019: Kulfi and Sikander succeeds in reviving Vijaya Laxmi memory.

The episode starts with Kulfi clearing all the mess and once again Sikander starts singing. Much to their dismay Vijaya Laxmi ji loses her memory and asks them to get out. Lovely shows Sikander their new project venture and says that they will make Vijaya Laxmi sing in it. She says that they need to make more albums in order to secure their daughters future. Sikander agrees and leaves. Lovely thinks she need to say daughters in order to make him agree. Once he leaves there will be only one daughter for her.
Sikander, Kulfi, Juman and Pallu comes to Vijaya Laxmi once again but Vijaya Laxmi misunderstands them as pest control and asks them to do the work and leaves. They sigh and do the work. They come another day and once again she misunderstands them to be someone else and asks them to clean the house and leaves to her room. Juman says that for the past three days they are doing everything except music. Sikander apologizes to them and asks them to adjust for sometime. Kulfi says that whenever Vijaya Laxmi ji goes into the room she loses her memory and asks them to wait. In the meantime Lovely is searching contacts to help them with their album.

Everyone goes in and Vijaya Laxmi ji identifies them right. They once again starts singing when she stops in the middle. She says something is missing and starts shouting at them again. Kulfi skips and hits the wind chime. Vijaya Laxmi says this is what is missing. Everyone gets happy and once again starts singing whole Kulfi plays the wind chime. The song gets completed and Vijaya Laxmi praises them clapping. She says that they can final the recording.

Kulfi too gets happy and ash’s Sikander that now can they leave for Chandnur. Sikander says that recording is still left and then only they can leave. Kulfi gets heartbroken as they have only fifteen days more. Sikander sees Kulfi crying. He consoles her and says that he can’t leave without reviving Vijaya Laxmi’s memory. They wonder about the producer and Sikander says he has one.

Sikander with Vijaya Laxmi and everyone waits for producer and Lovely comes there as producer. She recalls Sikander saying that they are going to produce the song sung by Vijaya Laxmi ji. She forwards the contract for Vijaya Laxmi to sign. Sikander takes her blessings. She looks at the contract and gets furious. Vijaya Laxmi gets her memory back and blames Sikander for being a backstabber. She keeps shouting when the contract flies from her hand. Kulfi sees a photo in it and thinks she saw her somewhere and wonders where.

Precap : A fully cured Vijaya Laxmi asks Kulfi to sing her song instead of her much to the shock of Lovely.