Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 13th December 2019: Lovely’s growing insecurity and selfishness

The episode starts with Vijaya Laxmi shouting at Sikander and everyone to get out of her house. Kulfi sees her picture in the file and gets reminded of seeing her somewhere. She recalls Raju saying that she’s his favorite singer and made her listen to her song. Kulfi sings the song and Vijaya Laxmi gets involved in that song and sings along with her. She hugs Kulfi and cries. Sikander gets happy seeing it.

Doctor checks Vijaya Laxmi and asks questions to her. He says that she’s fully cured and says Sikander that his efforts paid fruitful. Sikander asks Vijaya Laxmi to release her album in his banner. Vijaya Laxmi says that she agrees but on one condition. She says that she selected him because his voice had a peace and hope and refreshment but both their voices doesn’t hold the purity anymore. She says that now she wants Kulfi to sing her song as she is now having the same peaceful voice. Sikander agrees and Lovely gets shocked.

At home Lovely sees Amayra rejoicing Kulfi singing news and wonders what happened to her.. She thinks that she should do something to make the company a hit as Sikky doesn’t have much time. Vijaya Laxmi, Sikander and his family launches the company with Sikander announcing about Vijaya Laxmi album getting released by his company.

The reporters question that if its true that it’s a ten year old album of hers.
Sikander agrees and says that he made a wrong decision at that time. He says about his backward thinking of women doesn’t get hit in the industry. He says that he realized the mistake. Lovely still feels that Sikander is pointing their marriage and gets angry. Later Kulfi announces about Amayra too singing in their company with her favorite DJ much to the shock and surprise of Amayra and Lovely. Amayra gets extremely happy and hugs Kulfi. Lovely feels left out as Sikander didn’t inform her about it. Kulfi on the other hand decides to take Sikander to Chandnur as they have only 24 days left.
Next day morning Kulfi offers tea to Sikander and Lovely and Amayra joins them. Kulfi asks about Chandnur and Sikander announces that they are going Chandnur with Amayra and Lovely too.

Kulfi gets extremely happy. On the other hand Lovely gets determined to cancel the trip at any cost as right now they need to concentrate on company growth.

Amayra goes to pack her bags while Kulfi packs Sikander’s. Kulfi goes to get tooth brush but slips and falls. Sikander bandages Kulfi while Lovely recalls pouring soap water on floor. She asks Sikander to cancel the trip and he agrees. Kulfi begs him not to and he finally gives in. Sikander books ticket online and when the Payment is about to be done Lovely breaks the WiFi router. She gets happy as Internet got down. Amayra comes to her and asks her to get ready as they’ve booked tickets using travel agency.

Precap : Lovely hides Sikander’s credi5 and debit card pouch