Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 16th December 2019: “Loveleen’s Sly act to stop Sikander”

Today’s episode starts with Amyra asking kulfi which one of the dresses are looking good for her, then kulfi replies that any which way she is going to keep them both, so she should just select both of them. The girls laugh. Then amyra says its so fun in only packing the clothes, imagine the fun when we will travel together. Then loveleen enters with some clothes, looking little tensed, thinking how to stop kulfi and her father from travelling. She thinks that whatever time is left with sikander, should be used in improving the business.

She next thinks of plans to stop Sikander from travelling and suddenly her eyes fall on something. Its sikander’s ID pouch. She knows that he cannot travel without the IDs so she decides to hide them. She quickly picks up the purse and leaves. Sikander after packing starts looking for the pouch, the girls also start looking for them with him. The pouch is nowhere to be found. Sikander calls loveleen to ask her if she has seen the pouch somewhere, she replies saying NO. she suggests to check for it again in the bags. They start looking for the pouch again. In this search, it gets late and now they couldn’t catch the flight. Kulfi starts crying. Sikander goes to her to pacify, and also to apologize to her for losing he pouch. He says that we will have to make new IDs and it will take around 4-5 days. But kulfi is crying for some other reason, she wants to spend as much time as possible with her father as the doctor said that he doesn’t have much time left.

Kulfi then by looking at the moon, talking to her mother promises to not let her father die. Sikander also promises to himself that he will take his daughter to chaandnaur as he understood her feeling to go to chaandnaur. Next day they decide to go to chaandnaur by car. Loveleen is left in shock and the girls get very excited.

On seeing kulfi leaving a sheet of paper under her pillow, loveleen takes the sheet and sees that kulfi knows about sikander’s remaining days. She decides that in the remaining 22 days she will not let him goanywhere, not even chaandnaur, and ask him to build up the music company. To make her plan successful she also decides to go with Sikander and the girls to chaandnaur, only to stop the trip in middle and come back to home, Mumbai.

Before starting the journey, the girls go to buy something, and in the meantime loveleen changes the destination in the GPS. Sikander without knowing this starts driving and after sometime they reach preetbagh in the opposite direction. Loveleen tries to convince them that they should return as they have come in the opposite direction. Sikander smilingly says that since we’ve come to preetbagh, let’s have “Radha pallavi”, the famous aloo poori of preetbagh.