Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 2nd December 2019: Lovely finds Sikander’s truth

The episode starts with Sikander and Kulfi sitting lost in the thoughts of Sikander’s illness. Sikander recalls again and again about doctor’s saying that he has only little time left. Kulfi says that she has trust that he’ll be fine. Sikander says that there’s no way to save him. Kulfi says that when there’s trust then there’s definitely way and she has full trust that he’ll be fine. She says that did they ever thought that she’ll come from her village to city? Did they ever thought that she’ll will meet her father? Did they ever thought that they will be together? Everything has happened only with trust and she trusts fully that everything will be fine. She hugs him arms and Sikander smiles.

Sikander hugs Kulfi and is still drowned in sorrow. Kulfi makes him smile forcefully and he smiles for her. They both have some lonely and fun time with each other. On the other hand lovely tries Sikander’s mobile but couldn’t reach it. She gets irked as she wants answers from him at any cost. She sees Amayra trying to open the packer and shouts at her. She snatches the packet from her and is tensed about Sikander. Amayra leaves sensing her mother’s bad mood. Lovely is abou6 to throw away the packet but decides to check on it. She opens it and finds the reports in it. She reads it and cries breaking down.

Sikander is admitted in hospital and doctor says Kulfi that his condition has got critical as he didn’t take medicines on time. She gives her the medicine and Kulfi offers her the offering from Gurdwara. She says that she has full trust that her father will recover and asks her to trust too. Doctor says that doctor David is the last hope but it’s really difficult to even get his appointment. Kulfi says that she has hope that her father will definitely be cured. She hugs the doctor and Sikander watches helpless.

Lovely is crying when she hears Sikander’s voice. She understands that he’s back and goes to him. She finds him distributing offerings from Gurdwara to everyone. Daadi gets extremely happy seeing Kulfi and cries. Sikander feeds her the offerings.

Amayra runs to Sikander and hugs Kulfi happily while lovely watches everything crying. Sikander comes to lovely and she hugs him crying emotionally. Everyone calls them to click pictures and they all click pictures with everyone and their family.
Lovely drags Sikander inside and shows him the reports and asks about it. She cries and says what will happen to her, Kulfi and Amayra if something happens to him.

Sikander lies that the reports are wrong and he’s absolutely fine. Lovely gets extremely happy and hugs him trusting him. Later he adores the bond of Lovely Amayra and Kulfi and gets happy while Lovely feels something wrong.

Precap :Kulfi cries pleading doctor to do something and save her father. Doctor says that he has only three days left and Kulfi gets shattered.