Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 3rd December 2019: Kulfi’s bold attempt to revive her father’s hope

The episode starts with Kulfi gifting Amayra a wrist band and they both hug and kiss. Sikander admires his happy family and feels contended. He plays his guitar and everyone looks surprised at it. Kulfi comes to him and asks him to believe and they’re will definitely get a hope when he says that he misses his family. Sikander says that he’s missing his red mouth organ which he used to have from childhood the most. Kulfi gets deter to get the mouth organ back and hugs him.
Sikander is video recording his last moments for his kids to see after he dies.

He finds Kulfi coming running towards him and immediately hides the recording. Kulfi shows him his childhood album in which he’s having the red mouth organ. Sikander says that he understands what she’s trying to do and asks her not to do it. Kulfi asks him to believe that they will get it and Sikander gets irritated with her belief talks. He asks how will she get it. Will she go to Punjab and get it from their old house? Kulfi gets upset while Sikander says that only belief will not create magic and leaves. Kulfi gets determined to prove Sikander that if they believe then they will definitely get a way.

Lovely is sleeping while Sikander tries having his medicine sneaking. Lovely wakes up and asks him about the medicine for which Sikander says that it’s just some acidity tablets and throws it in Dustbin. Lovely lies back and Sikander goes out. Once Sikander is sure of Lovely being asleep hw once again sneaks in and haves one tablet. He then throws the remaining tablet in Dustbin. Lovely who’s pretending to sleep watches it and checks the tablets once Sikander is gone. She decides to find the truth.

Kulfi is on a spree to find the mouth organ and recalls calling their Punjab home. She gets to know that the owner has sold the house and os now settled in Mumbai. Kulfi determines to get the mouth organ from him and goes to find it. She knocks on the door and an elderly man opens it and shouts at her with out listening to her and shuts the door.

On the other hand lovely calls her doctor friend to whom she has sent the tablets to find out about it. Her friend says that they are tablets used during emergency situation and says that her husband is in very bad state. Lovely gets shocked hearing it and understands that Sikander has lied to her. She breaks down and finds difficult breathing. She splashes water on her face and Sikander comes there. She cries hugging him.

Even after numerous efforts, Kulfi gets disheartened on not finding the mouth organ. She’s about to go when she hears someone playing the mouth organ. She sneaks in to find a guy playing it and performs a drama. She steaks the mouth organ and is about to run away but stops finding that the guy who’s playing is mentally unstable.

Precap : doctor says Sikander about Dr. Shepherd too giving uo and Kulfi begs doctor to save her father.