Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 4th December 2019: Bad news for Sikander

The episode starts with Kulfi after a lots of thinking giving back the mouth organ to the mentally unstable boy. He gets happy and plays it and Kulfi turns to leave. Om the other hand Sikander and his friend are reading the news paper. They find his news in it and he congratulations Sikander for breaking record. Sikander says that he just wants to settle his family now. He says that he waited for a chance to get back to industry and he got it now.

Lovely is crying to her friend and her friend asks her to think about the most important thing that is what will she do once Sikander dies. She says that Sikander going to die anyway but what will happen to her and how will she manage without him. Her father is also in jail and she’s already in this condition. She asks her to do something fast.

Sikander sees a long faced Kulfi and hugs her. He asks she could find the mouth organ right? He asks her to let it go as everything doesn’t go with belief and hope. He asks her not to feel bad. He turns to leave when Kulfi calls him. She gives him the mouth organ shocking him. The old man and his son too comes there and the old man apologizes to Sikander for the past. Sikander asks him to let ot go and hugs him. His son asks him to play the mouth organ and he does so. Everyone gathers around them. He makes the old man to play too. The old man starts leaving with his son who’s upset about not having the mouth organ. Sikander gives it to him and he gets very happy. Everyone leaves. Kulfi hugs Sikander and says that if there’s trust then there’s hope. Sikander smiles hearing it and Kulfi leaves.

Sikander gets doctor’s call who says about even their last hope of Dr. Shepherd too vanished. Sikander gets shocked hearing it. He asks why’s she still keeping hope and belief as all this won’t work in his case. He asks her to let it be and cuts the call furiously. Kulfi hears it cries. Sikander sees her and hugs her. He says that all this trust and belief are all fine but ij his case it is not. He asks her to not keep hope anymore as he’s going to die and asks her to accept it like him. Kulfi cries sobbing.

Sikander is seeing the family album and Lovely again. Sikander tries hiding again but Lovely says that she got to know everything and asks him to stop lying. She cries in his arms and Sikander consoles her. She decides to consult the best doctor but Sikander says that he has done everything and there’s no hope left. He says that now he wants to spend every second of his life with his family.

Kulfi begs doctor to save Sikander but she says that he has only thirty days left. Kulfi gets heartbroken.

Precap : Kulfi takes part in a gulab jamun eating competition to pay the baba.