Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 5th December 2019: Kulfi wins gulab jamun competition

The episode starts with Kulfi walking distraught on the streets worrying for her father’s health condition. She starts losing hope when she spots a small brother struggling hard to take his handicapped sister out of the mud. Her sister asks him to let it go but he denies giving up. He says that are same blood and will always there with each other no matter what. He finally succeeds in taking her out. Kulfi thinks that even she and her baba are blood related and she will definitely find a hope if she trust. Having regaining her courage she decides to find some other way. She sees a can advertising to have medicine for all diseases and she decides to consult them.

Sikander is in Jimmy’s office and he overhears Jimmy’s first wife begging for money to Jimmy for her son’s education but he remained stone hearted and denies helping. Sikander gets furious at him for not caring for his own blood. They leave after he throw them out. Sikander comes in and Jimmy gets angry seeing him. He taunts Sikander to not be so happy about his album getting success . Sikander throws check book in front of him and says that he’s there to give him the money. He says that he can fall as low as him how much he tries. Jimmy gets furious and says he needs 1 crore more for the insult he had gone through because of him in the party. He demands 6 crore in total from him. Sikander writes check for 8 crore and when asked why he slaps him twice. He asks him to take the remaining two crores as a compensation for the two slaps and leaves.

Kulfi visits the herbal doctor and gives him6the reports of her father and asks him to give the medicine. He’s a fraudster and decides to give cheat on kulfi. He asks her to give 5000 for Sanjivani medicine and Kulfi gets reminded of similiar situation for her mother. She gets determined to get the money and leaves. She does to her fellow kids and asks for 5000 rupees shocking them. Amayra comes there and Kulfi asks them to hide it from Amayra. She leaves irked. A guy announces the kids about a competition being held nearby and the winners are getting prize money. Kulfi leaves with her fellow kids to the competition venue.

Kulfi finds a row of people seated for competition and a guy announcing that till now the record is eating 40 gulab jamun in 5 minutes and asks if anyone could beat it. Kulfi raises her hand and everyone laughs at her as she’s a girl. She takes part in the competition and wins it too getting the first prize. Kulfi is disappointed as she wants the second prize money of 5000. She finds bunty unhappy for getting second prize and they both exchange their prizes. Kulfi gets happy.

Precap : baba reveals kulfi that he cure but says that his father can be cured if taken to Chandapur.