Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 6th December 2019: Kulfi gets a tiny hope to recover her father

Episode begins with kulfi is coming running to the baba for taking herbal mixed medicine for her father. She excitedly hugs him and says this medicine is really required for my father to recover from his illness as he already left all kinds of hope. To see kulfi so much happy and hopeful the shopkeeper text the bag from here and in which he has given the medicine and empty it and Kulfi gets shocked to see him doing this. On the other side, the mother of Fateh is worrying for her son and is trying to look for a way to take her son away from this place. She gets a call on mobile and she was informed that she has won a lottery with the first prize.

She says I am unable to recover any kind of lottery I have participated in. The caller says that we had a tie up with a nearby mall and you did fill a form of a dare and today the result was out and you had won the first prize. She gets a text in her cell phone that one crore rupees is credited in her account. She feels happy and says thank you to the collar and also to record for helping her out in this crisis. The caller is turned out to be a friend of Sikandar. He says to him that you will surely get rewarded for your noble acts. The god will surely look up to you and you will get lots of blessings. Sikandar says all I want right now is the blessings of people because there is not much hope left for me.
The shopkeeper says to Kulfi that this medicine is of no use and it will never going to benefit your father. This medicine is fake and this will not help the health of your father. Kulfi says to him you made a fool out of me but why? I absolutely trusted you with whole of my heart. The shopkeeper says I do sell fake medicines but it’s not that these herbs cannot heal any illness. He gives Kulfi an address go and get his her father treated there. Kulfi comes to her home with hopes to get her father treated and sees his father is enjoying with all the people of the basti.

Sikandar paid for the education of those children and also made some other arrangements for the betterment of the people of their. Everyone is blessing him with so much heart. Sikander noticed Kulfi and He walks up to her. He takes her in his arms and says I have a surprise for you as well. All of them come back to the house of theirs. Kulfi and amyra gets so happy to see their house is glowing with lights. Lovely says to Sikandar that I will be back soon after checking some of my stuff soon.

Sikandar says to Kulfi that I have said everything right now. Sikandar and Kulfi are talking with each other when Amyra comes running there and takes Kulfi with her. She says to Kulfi that bring your all stuff in my room and you will stay together just like we used to stay in the chawl. Sikandar is showing smoke to his musical instruments and the room. Lovely comes to him and says I have done so much research for your treatment but Sikandar says that there is no hope left I have already done everything.

Kulfi listens to everything from outside of the room and gets emotional. Kulfi is upset that should I talk to my father about this but if I do so he will create some mess. Sikandar is asking his relatives to come back to his house as he revived it again. Kulfi is feeling bad to see his father in such a state.

Precap : Kulfi made Sikandar agree for going to Chandnor.