Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Written Update 9th December 2019: Kulfi convinces Sikander to go to Chandnur

The episode starts with Kulfi wondering about how to convince Sikander to go to Chandnur. She’s about to reveal it to Sikander when chawl people come to his house. Sikander welcomes them leaving Kulfi in the middle of the conversation. They all congratulate Sikander for his success. Kulfi’s friend comes sneaking into the house to give a flower to Kulfi but Amayra spots him. She says she liked the flower a lot but understands that it’s for Kulfi. However he gives the flower and she gets very happy. Kulfi tried talking with Sikander but Lovely calls for food.

After having food everyone’s sits relaxing and Sikander says that he can’t forget the life with them in chawl and thanks them for their love. Everyone asks Sikander to sing a song for them that’s very close to his heart. Sikander thinks for a while and starts singing the song. Everyone gets hypnotized with the song and claps for him. Sikander reveals that the song is not his but Vijaya laxmi ji’s whom trusted him when he first came to Mumbai. He then selected Lovely’s father offer thus breaking contact with her. He says that he regret it as life would have been better if he had joined hands with her. Lovely gets hurt with his words as he indirectly meant that it’s her the reason for him to not doing well.

Kulfi worries about Sikander’s reaction for going to Chandnur. She sees Shanta tao mixing something in juice and asks what it is. Shanta tai reveals that tai doesn’t take her medicines at all and so she’s mixing it in juice. Tai too drinks the juice unaware of the medicine. Kulfi gets an idea.

Later Kulfi goes to Sikander and asks him to accompany her to Chandnur as vacation. Sikander agrees but says that he will leave with her after meeting Vijaya Laxmi ji. Kulfi gets worried as she can’t waste time about his health and wonders what to do. Lovely hears it and gets angry at Sikander. She thought that Sikander wishes to have got united with Kulfi and Nimrat and she’s as unwanted as ever. She wants to lash out at him but controls herself for hus health condition.

Next morning Kulfi surprises Sikander with a his favorite food and once again asks him to accompany her to Chandnur as soon as possible. She feeds Sikander and he haves it. He agrees to accompany her to Chandnur after meeting Vijaya Laxmi ji. He calls Vijaya Laxmi sister Rekha to get her address thereafter immediately leaving with Kulfi to Chandnur. He gets the address and Kulfi gets extremely happy.

Precap : Kulfi and Sikander visit Vijaya Laxmi ji. She gets furious seeing him and shows her abandoned house to him. She blames him for her condition shocking Sikander and K