Kulfi shares a shocking truth with Lovely: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will witness shocking twist ahead.

Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala has witnessed edge of the seat drama and now it is gearing up for another high voltage drama.

In the episodes, Kulfi learns Bhola’s truth and tries to bring him back. She planned with her friends and goes to bring back Sikander. Less, Sikander remembers anything pleads Kulfi to let him stay back with Pakhi.

Kulfi cries and let him go. Otherside, Lovely searches for Chandan with the help of Nandini. They meet Chandan and ask few questions. Chandan answers them and Nandini catches that he is lying. She tells Lovely that the man is lying. Loveleen goes to meet Chandan’s mother at the hospital and gets stunned when his mother pointed at Sikander and called him Chandan.

Lovely brain started working and she recalls the past. She thinks Police told them that when the accident happened in their where one other person too in the car apart from Sikander. She straight goes to the station and enquires about the accident. Chandan calls Lovely and says Amyra wants to play with her, what she is doing at police station. She rushes to homes.

Otherside, Kulfi worries for Bhola/Sikander. She hears that Chandan has hired someone to kill Bhola. Rocket and his buddies worry for Kulfi. Rocket ask his friend to go to Bhola and he goes to meet Kulfi.

In the upcoming sequence will see, Chandan will scare Lovely with a knife. Here, Kulfi will give Rocket a hint to save Bhola from his men. Later, a worried Kulfi will reveal a shocking truth to Lovely.

Do kulfi will disclose Bhola’s truth to Lovely, what kulfi will do next to save Bhola? To know more keep watching the show mon-fri, at 8:30pm on Star Plus.

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