Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2020 Written Update: Pragya and Pallavi learns about Ranbir,Prachi arrest for Maya murder

Episode starts with Prachi says I feel you’re not inspector. Nandita says I’m police don’t act smart and give your statement in 5minutes. Prachi shouts she is innocent. Meera says police will reach you Rhea while solving the case because you’re the one who bought Maya in Ranbir life so please be in underground until case is solved, she asks Dimpi to take care of Rhea. Meera cries thinking it’s the first time you didn’t talk to me Rhea and please God save Rhea.

Prachi says I want to meet Ranbir. Nandita says he is beside your room. Ranbir says Prachi is innocent and I need lawyer. Sharma says no lawyer will come in this situation. Dushyant calls Sharma and he switches to video call. Ranbir says he is innocent. Dushyant says Sharma I need justice for my Maya so don’t leave anyone. Ranbir gets worried.

Prachi request Nandita to allow her to call her mom. Nandita agrees. Prachi informs Pragya that because of cyclone she can’t reach to home and she stays at friends house. Pragya tensely asks her where are you but Prachi cuts the call.

Nandita says you’re lying to me like you’re sayingl lies to your mom. Prachi cries while saying she is innocent. Ranbir from otherwise shouts and comforts Prachi. Pragya thinks something is wrong with Prachi.

Pallavi calls Ranbir from his dad phone and informs him that his dad went to Mumbai without informing her. Ranbir thinks who will help me in this situation. Pallavi gets suspicious after hearing Ranbir sad voice and she Insists him to say the truth. Ranbir says nothing. Pallavi says I will come to hotel than Ranbir reveals her that Police arrested him and Prachi for Maya suicide for persuading her. Pallavi feels dizzy. Ranbir consoles her and request her to not inform anyone about this info.

Pragya continuesly calls Prachi but Nandita stops Prachi to answer her mom calls and insists her to reveal their murder plan. Aryan informs Pallavi about Ranbir arrest. Pallavi says  I got to know about it, I will go to hotel. Aryan says we can’t leave to any place because of cyclone. Pallavi breakdown thinking how to save Ranbir. Pragya calls Ranbir and asks him about Prachi. Sharma takes phone from him and informs Pragya that they arrested Ranbir and Prachi for Maya murder. Pragya says my kids can’t do it, what proofs you have. Sharma says we will show proofs in court. Pragya says you can’t question my kids in this way without warrant, I will complain against you. Sharma cuts the call.