Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2021 Written Update: Tanu fails Pragya’s plan

Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Tanu asking Pradeep how dare he touched her. Pradeep asks Tanu how dare she called the cop. Tanu says she doesn’t like his behaviour. Pradeep says he knew she called the cop for her. He threatens Tanu to expose her. Police enters the house. Pradeep escapes from Tanu’s house. Tanu tells to Cop that thief and Pradeep Khurana both were present at her house but escaped seeing him. Police asks his men to search the house. Tanu invites police too for her wedding and plots against Pradeep. She falsely tells to Police that Pradeep has threatened her that he will stop her wedding with Abhi by telling everyone that he is her husband. Tanu tells to the police that Pradeep is not her husband. Police agrees to attend Tanu’s wedding.

There, Riya comes and informs Pragya about truth serum. Prachi explains her plan for giving the serum to Tanu. Both Riya and Prachi argues with each other to accompany Pragya to Tanu’s house. Pragya refuses to take both of them. She decides to give the truth serum to Tanu by her own. In the meantime, Abhi comes and informs Prachi, Riya and Pragya that Tanu has invited cop too in the wedding. Pragya says Tanu is playing smart but their intentions are right thus, they will be end game. Abhi asks Prachi and Riya to sleep. Pragya tells to Abhi about truth serum. Abhi worries for his wedding.

Here, Riya recalls her deal with Prachi where she asked latter to leave the house soon after her wedding with Ranbir. She thinks if she is doing wrong with Prachi. Riya gives second thought to her decision. She further concludes, Prachi came in between her and Ranbir thus, she is right whatever she is doing. Ahead, Riya calls Prachi in her room. She shows Prachi her dress and asks latters opinion. Prachi tells to Riya that dress is good. Riya further asks Prachi to tell her opinion about her and Ranbir’s Jodi. Prachi says you both look good together. Later, Riya accuses Prachi for always snatching stuffs that belongs to her. She asks Prachi to leave the family before everything gets destroyed. Prachi stands teary and leave the room.

Ahead, Ranbir tries to cut apple. Prachi spots him. She helps Ranbir and feeds him apple. Ranbir takes the apple from Prachi’s hand and stands teary. Both Prachi and Ranbir cries (Mann Muradein) song plays.

Next day, Pragya bring coffee for Abhi and wakes him up. Abhi wakes and worries for his wedding. Pragya console Abhi and says if they will fail in the test than they will escape together. She further assures Abhi that she will come home by taking Tanu’s confession. Mitali give bridal dress to Pragya. She asks Pragya to stop the wedding. Mitali prays to God to be with Pragya.

Other side, Singhania inform Tanu that papers are ready. Tanu asks Singhania to give it to her. Pragya comes to Tanu’s house and tries to give her truth serum. Tanu fails Pragya’s plan. Pragya manages to fix camera in Tanu’s house. Tanu asks Pragya if she fear Abhi will fall for her. Pragya replies to Tanu that Abhi is marrying her because she asked him. Tanu stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

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