Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update: Monisha executes her plan to trap RV

Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Monisha stopping RV and says to the waiter Sailesh that there is lip stick on the glass and she asks th waiter to go and clean it. Sailesh understands Monisha’s intention. Sailesh brings another spiked glass and gives it to Monisha. Monisha gives it to RV. RV and Monisha drink champagne. Monisha asks RV to drink the whole champagne for her. RV gets a call from Diya and he goes to take it.

Diya asks RV what happened with Purvi and why is she sad. RV says he doesn’t know the reason for it and says he just talked to Purvi just before.

Diya comes to Purvi and says to Purvi that she called RV and asked him why is she sad. RV said he didn’t know but later he talked to Khushi and she told him that Khushi saw RV and Monisha together in this hotel then she understood what happened. Purvi comments on Diya and says to Diya that everything is alright between her and RV and says she doesn’t need to call anyone. Diya says she is not a fool and says to Purvi that she can read her like a book.

RV runs into Krishna in the hotel and talks to him. Krishna and RV comment on each other.

RV comes to Monisha. RV while talking to Monisha suddenly feels dizzy. Monisha says to RV that he should take rest in a room and takes RV to a room with the help of Sailesh.

CM reaches the hotel. The terrorists see CM entering and they also decide to enter the hotel. CM says to the reporters that he came here for meeting about national security and leaves from there.

Monisha brings RV to the hotel room. Monisha tries to get intimate with RV. RV tells her he is having a headache. He requests her to get him medicine. Monisha agrees and leaves from there to get medicine from him. RV thinks why Monisha is trying to get intimate with him even after knowing he is a married man. He thinks of Purvi and falls unconscious.

Monisha runs into terrorists. She tries to argue with the person who collided with her but she stops herself seeing their rude looks. The security officer alerts the CM and leader about Terrorist activity. CM and other leaders try to escape from the hotel. RV comes out of the hotel and goes in CM and his team direction. Terrorists notice the meeting room is empty. They come out and hold CM and others at Gun point. RV tells Terrorist that he is not related to CM. RV asks Terrorists to leave him. He pushes terrorists and escapes from there with CM. Terrorists starts the firing. RV meets Monisha and escape from there. CM escapes from hotel with his team help. Monisha asks RV to tell her what happened and where he is taking her. RV tells her about the terrorist attack. Terrorists sees CM has escaped and decides to hijack the hotel. They stop RV and Monisha from leaving the hotel.

Episode ends.

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