Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2021 Written Update: Rhea confronts Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Rhea gets shocked hearing Ranbir words. Prachi cuts call asking Ranbir to never call her. Aryan asks what happened. Ranbir breaks his mobile saying she just heard what I said, I wish we were married that day and this time I will arrange everything and will marry her for sure. Rhea leaves angrily from that place. Prachi cries holding her phone.

Tanu says Ranbir is good and I will do their marriage arrangements. Aliya says im also excited for their marriage but don’t forget about your mission. Pragya hears their convo and thinks for what mission Tanu came? Mitali asks if she overhearing the convo. Pragya says I’m slowly moving and can never hear others convos. Mitali says see Aliya this girl is taunting me. Pragya says you call you Dewar as mad and animal, if I tell this outers what will they think? So think about your reputation. Aliya asks Mitali to talk nicely with Gayathri and she asks Gayathri to take stick with her to Abhi room than they hears Abhi’s sound. Aliya asks Tanu to meet Abhi and asks her to set his mood. Pragya thinks so it’s their mission. Tanu asks where is Rhea. Aliya says might be in her room, you go and meet Abhi.

On the way Rhea in tears thinks about everything and she goes to Prachi house. Mitali suggest Pragya to keep stick with her always. Rhea shouts Prachi to comeout of her room. Prachi asks why she is shouting. Rhea says I hate you and I’m getting angry thinking why I trusted you, glad we bought up in different places otherwise you may ruin my whole life. Prachi asks what she did? Rhea says you know right that day Ranbir planned to marry you at temple?didn’t you remember your promise to me. Prachi says trust me, you didn’t found complete truth so listen to me but Rhea won’t give her chance and blames Prachi for betraying her. Prachi says I didn’t know that day he planned to marry me and I’m innocent. Rhea says don’t act like innocent, I will hurt you for sure and from here onwards I will talk with your Mom not you so call her.

Prachi reminsces past incident how she saw Pragya in Gayathri attire and asks her what happened? Why you wear this servant type clothes. Pragya reveals to Prachi that how she joined in Abhi house as worker to hide her identity from Aliya. Prachi asks if her Dad knows it. Pragya cries saying you dad needs me and don’t tell this matter to anyone. Prachi promise her that she won’t tell to anyone. Prachi tells Rhea that their mom is not at home. Rhea searches for Pragya.

Pragya enters Abhi room. Abhi hides seeing her with stick and he begs her to leave from room. Pragya cries and thinks he may feel happy seeing my face and it works like shock so she hides her face and tells him that I won’t beat you. Abhi says I know you will beat me. Pragya says I came here to remove your fear. Abhi says it pains me alot so don’t beat me. Pragya says don’t get scared seeing anyone, Noone can scare you showing this stuck, if anyone do it than snatch this stick from them, you’re grown up so you won’t like if someone beats you right. Abhi says don’t beat me because it pains me alot.

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