Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2022 Written Update: Prachi exposes Alia and Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ranbir and Prachi finding the earring and they both touch it at the same time. Ranbir and Prachi look into each other eyes and fall into a trance. Prachi takes the earring and tries to wear it but she drops it. Ranbir holds it and makes her wear it. He signs her super. Prachi adjusts his hair. That time Prachi receives Preethi’s call. She goes aside and attends the call. Preeti informs Prachi that she sent the report to her home. Prachi thanks her for her help, and she asks if she saw what’s in the report. Preeti says she didn’t read it but will call her checking the copy on her laptop. Prachi thanks her and disconnects the call. Ranbir asks who called her. Prachi doesn’t reveal it to him and she goes to talk to Shahana when her phone doesn’t get connected.

Ranbir follows Prachi. He tells her he wants to tell her something. Prachi says he can tell later as they have so much time. Ranbir says later we can have time but there won’t be right. He asks her to not marry Sid. Pallavi comes there and asks Prachi to tell reporters that she is going to marry Sid and not have an affair with him to clear the family’s name. Prachi tells reporters that she is going to marry Sid with happiness and they don’t have any affairs. She asks media people to enjoy the sangeet. Pallavi asks media people to take Sid and Prachi’s photos and publish them in papers that they are going to get married. Prachi and Sid give poses to Media. Ranbir gets hurt and leaves in tears. Prachi thinks I know Ranbir you’re hurt, I’m promising to settle everything tonight itself.

Alia tries to talk to Rhea. Rhea ignores Alia and tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to her as she did a mistake by bringing Mihika to Sangeet. Alia says bringing Mihika is needed. Rhea says Mihika is behind you and you need her here too. Alia shows the waiter to Rhea and tells her that her men will shoot Mihika if she tries to go against them or tries escape from them. Rhea asks if Sid knows it. Alia says I will tell him so stay relaxed as everything is under control. Rhea says she is feeling tense seeing Prachi’s confidence. Alia says to Rhea let Prachi fly in her overconfidence and don’t think about her.

Ranbir is about to drink wine recalling everything. Aryan stops Ranbir and asks why he wants to drink. Ranbir says he wants to drink in happiness. Aryan asks him to tell truth. Ranbir says I don’t want this marriage to happen but it’s happening in my hands so let me drink wine. Aryan gives him a wine glass. Prachi takes the wine glass from him and leaves. Ranbir stops her and asks her to show concern for the person whom she is marrying. He asks her to not stop him and drinks some wine. Prachi takes the glass and drops it on the floor. Everyone witnesses them. Ranbir asks why she is making him sad. Prachi says he can’t handle the drink and he will be out. Ranbir says you’re leaving me so nothing is left in my life. Prachi says she won’t allow him to drink. Ranbir asks her to think about Sid. He asks Prachi to sing, dance, and do whatever she wants in her sangeet and get married to whoever she wants. Prachi says she doesn’t want to marry anyone else. She says she is married to him. She says I love you. Everyone gets shocked. Media people cover them.

Pallavi tries to stop Media people. Dida says they are our guests so let them cover the news as nothing is more important than our kid’s happiness. Pallavi asks her to not complicate the situation. Rhea says to Pallavi that Prachi wants my Ranbir as she hates me. Prachi says stops Rhea and reveals to everyone that Rhea is not pregnant. Alia asks how dare she. Prachi declares Rhea is not pregnant and I can prove it as Rhea’s reports are coming here and Rhea is acting like pregnant but I’m pregnant that too with Ranbir’s baby. Vikram and Dida feel happy. Alia asks Sid to say Prachi is lying. Shahana asks Alia to stop threatening Sid. She reveals to everyone that Alia is threatening Sid using Mihika. Prachi takes Mihika with her. She says Mihika is fine and asks Sid to reveal the truth. Sid reveals Prachi is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby, he couldn’t reveal it before as Alia blackmailed him to kill Mihika if he goes against them. Alia says now also Mihika will die.

Episode ends.

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