Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2019 Written Update: Rohit tries to impress Sarita!

Today’s episodes opens with Rohit telling to his friend that he got to know where Prachi stays. Rohit sees Prachi and gets happy. Pragya gets ready to leave. Disha tells to Pragya that Abhi called her last night. Pragya ask Disha why she didn’t give call to her. Disha tease her but Prgaya says she will not talk with Abhi. Disha ask Pragya to wear ear rings that Abhi like. Pragya denies but later she wears ear rings hiding from Disha but Disha comes and says she is looking beautiful. There, again Rohit thinks of a plan to impress Prachi. He sees Sarita and thinks to first impress her grandmother. Rohit and his friend stops taxi for Sarita and ahead, duo accompanies her in the same taxi.

Here, Priyanka practices how to act in front police so that veryone belives in her words. Abhi ask Priyanka to come down soon. There, Disha informs Pragya that Hritik is coming to pick her up. Pragya goes with Hritik. There, Rohit tries to impress Sarita.

Other side, Abhi and Priyanka comes to the police station. Abhi ask inspector to do the identification process soon, as he don’t want Priyanka to stay long at police station. Sarita comes back with Rohit and his friend. She blesses the duo for helping her. Afterwards, Sarita reveals to Prachi and Shahna about Sanju and bittu. 

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कुमकुम भाग्य 10 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट :- रोहित ने सरिता को प्रभावित करने की कोशिश की!

Prachi ask Sarita why she took help from unknown person. Sarita says she didn’t ask help but boys were helping her so she was enjoying. At, police station inspector sees marks on Priyanka and says it seems the scratches are fresh and is made today. Priyanka  gets angry and says did he meant that she herself makes the marks on her body. Abhi ask Priyanka to relax. Rishi comes in and sees Priyanka. Rishi recalls how Priyanka tried to molest him. (Episode Ends)