Kumkum Bhagya 10th September 2021 Written Update: Rhea misbehaves with guests.

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The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he will meet his friends outside of her house. She can’t stop him. Pragya says he won’t leave without her permission. Arjun says she is his wife, not his master. He walks out of the room and Pragya stops him saying no more drinks. He can’t go like this. Abhi adamantly he won’t listen to her. They get into argument and Pragya gets call from Prachi. She tells Prachi that Abhi is not listening and saying he will drink more alcohol. But she knows how to handle him. Pragya cuts the call. Prachi asks Ranbir what will Pragya do to stop Abhi. Ranbir says whatever Pragya will do will be right.

Pragya tells Anchal that now big drama will happen. Poison only destroys poison. Anchal says Pragya is not a typical wife so she should not stop Abhi. After a long time there’s happy atmosphere in the house. Pragya should not ruin that. Pragya tells her not to be melodramatic. She tells Anchal to gather all cockroaches in the house and sends her from there.

Abhi thinks what Pragya must be planning to stop him. His friends say that they will apologise to Pragya for messing up the hall. Pragya comes and Abhi’s friends assume that Pragya will give them some snacks. Anchal brings a jar full of cockroaches. She spreads them on floor. Pragya sits on couch and starts screaming seeing the cockroaches. Abhi and his friends also get scared seeing those. Pragya calls Anchal for help and Abhi says Anchal will save me not you. Later they notice a lizard and run away. Abhi tells Pragya that lizard will eat cockroaches. Anchal says lizard is gone.

Abhi meets his two friends and they chitchat. His friends invite Abhi for an event in clubhouse and they leave. Anchal informs Pragya that cockroaches are gone. Her idea worked. Pragya says now they have to throw away all the alcohol. Pragya fills colorful water in the empty bottles. Anchal says she is having fun while doing this. But Abhi will understand its water not alcohol. Pragya says their hangover will be gone. Rhea serves food to the guests and she gets tired. One lady asks Rhea to handle her child for some time. That kid irritates Rhea and calls her bad. Rhea scolds him and says I am not bad. That kid starts crying and complaints to his mom. His mom asks Rhea why she made him cry. Pallavi scolds Rhea for misbehaving with the guests. That kid asks for ice cream and Rhea replies they don’t have ice cream. Dida tells her to give malai to that kid. He won’t get it. One guest asks for tissue and Rhea tells him to ask the waiter about it. Pallavi warns her to not talk rudely with guests. Rhea says house keys made her a maid. Prachi is relaxing and she is working. She gets irked.

Abhi and his friends enter the house and check if there’s still any cockroach. Abhi says they don’t feel like drinking now. Anchal says their hangover is gone as they are scared. Pragya says why didn’t she inform her earlier about it, Pragya adds she wanted to them to drink water. Abhi says he will go against Pragya, he will drink more alcohol. He drinks it and understands its water. He calls Pragya loudly. Pragya gets up angrily.

Episode ends

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