Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2019 Written Update: Sanju begs for Prachi’s life

The episode starts with Sanju getting shocked seeing Prachi’s picture and gets shocked. He panics and calls them but they don’t pick up the call. Sanju panics and rushes to stop them. The kidnappers says Prachi that the man who gave them money to murder has asked to murder her too. Prachi gets shocked hearing it. She begs them to not to do anything to her. On the other hand Pragya tells Shahana that she will go to police station to lodge complaint for Prachi with Ranbir. She asks her to take care of Saritha Ben and not let her know anything. Shahana agrees and Prachi leaves.

The kidnappers are about to stab Prachi when she offers a deal to them. She says that she will offer them more money and asks them to let her go and say the person’s name who asked them to kill her. The kidnapper and his brother goes to think about the proposal. Saritha Ben asks Shahana abou4 Prachi and Pragya and Shahana blurts out the truth. Saritha Ben panics and wants to go to police station but Shahana locks her in her room. Saritha Ben asks her to open the door but Shahana denies. Saritha Ben calls Abhi and informs about Prachi missing. She requests him to help Pragya and he assures her that he will take care. He goes to help Pragya. Rhea sees it and gets irked.

Pragya is in police station with Ranbir and they say what happened to the inspector. Inspector asks them to search nearby places as they can’t lodge complaint before 24 hours of disappearance. Pragya suffers. Rhea doesn’t like Abhi’s love and care for Prachi. She wonders about who kidnapped Prachi. She suspects Sanju. Rhea calls dimple and asks if it’s possible for Sanju to kidnap Prachi. She asks why is she worrying about Prachi. Rhea says that she is not worrying about Prachi but for Abhi. She says she doesn’t like Abhi’s concern for Prachi.

Sanju reaches the go down but the goons doesn’t let him in. In the meantime the kidnapper and his brother wonder whether they should accept Prachi’s deal. They hear Sanju voice and asks them to let him in. Sanju asks if they killed Prachi. They say that they didn’t yet but will do soon. Rhea keeps calling Sanju but he’s not picking up the call. He sees the caller id and shuts it off.

Saritha Ben jumps out of window to go to police station. The goon denies letting Prachi go as she can be a threat to them. Sanju begs him to leave Prachi and calls her his love of life. He proposes to give more money but asks him to not harm Prachi. He threatens to commit suicide if something happens to Prachi. The goon still denies and Sanju goes to Prachi wearing a mask. Saritha comes to police station. She consoles a distraught Pragya that nothing will happen to Prachi and says about informing Abhi.