Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir’s dance makes Rhea angry

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rhea saying to Prachi that two sisters can be together in a house. But two wives can’t be in the same house. Prachi asks Rhea if she is mad you are pregnant where are going in the middle of the night atkeast think of your child. Rhea asks so you think I asked you to go away but you didn’t. Prachi convinces Rhea that today is Pallavi’s birthday and Rhea agrees. Vikram gives a surprise to Pallavi of a diamond necklace and everyone congratulates her. Ranbir calls Prachi for a group hug and she comes to see it Rhea gets angry. Vikram asks Prachi that tomorrow’s party should be memorable. Prachi says she will tie her best.

Rhea wakes Alia and complains about Prachi. Rhea says Prachi is acting like it was good. Rhea says she is going to make Pallavi believe that she is making the decorations to kill the child that is about to be born. Alia says there might be a risk for her. Rhea says she is going to cross all boundaries. Daljeet asks what are they talking about. Rhea and Alia make something up. Daljeet gives her laddoo for the child’s health. Rhea says she doesn’t like these laddoos. She is going to throw them out. Alia stops her. Rhea says they are easy to fool.

Daljeet thinks to herself she is not that easy to fool. Shahana says so they might fool you. Daljeet says they can never fool me. Shahana asks what is she talking about. Daljeet says when she went to Rhea to give laddoo to her they are talking about something. Shahana asks what are they talking about. Daljeet says what Rhea and Alia said about the movie. Shahana says she hasn’t heard that kind of movie. Daljeet says there was never a movie like that. They are planning something against Prachi. Shahana and Daljeet decide they should make sure nothing happens to Prachi and protect her.

Ranbir admires Prachi. Rhea assumes he is seeing her. Alia asks her what happened. Rhea tells Ranbir is seeing her. Alia notices he is seeing Prachi. Rhea gets angry. Daljeet says to Shahana don’t know when Rhea understands he loves Prachi. She misunderstands seeing Stanely with Ranbir. Ranbir tells Stanely what he needs to do. Rhea says don’t know what Ranbir sees in Prachi.

Ranbir makes Prachi drink the juice by telling her it’s not good then he tastes the remaining juice and tells her it’s good. Prachi thinks it’s tough to handle her baby if he becomes naughty like Ranbir. Guest congratulate Vikram on his project. Ranbir signs Stanley. Stanley turns on the music. Ranbir dances with Prachi. Rhea looks unhappy and leaves. Alia says it’s okay, it’s just dance. Guests praise the performance. Ranbir gives credit for his performance to Prachi and calls her his life partner. Prachi leaves. Pallavi says he loves joking and He is becoming a father and Rhea is becoming a mother. Rhea says she wants Prachi out of the house. She loses the screws of the door. Alia asks what is she doing. Rhea says I want to show Prachi wants to kill my baby so let’s use this fake door in our plan and in this way we can accuse Prachi. Alia asks her to stop saying baby as it’s confusing me. Rhea says I love my figure and I will never think to carry a child and when the time is right, I will fall head on and blame Ranbir for my miscarriage. Alia smiles. Rhea says Ranbir will accept her in guilt and Prachi is going to lose all. Rhea asks her to lose the screws when they are executing their plan then the fake door will fall on me.

Episode ends.

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