Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2021 Written Update: Tanu confesses her crime!

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Pragya saying to Tanu that she is getting married to Abhi because she allowed Abhi to do so. Pragya adds Abhi never belong to her nor he will ever. She says to Tanu that Abhi is not in her ‘bhagya’. Tanu gets furious and confronts to Pragya about how she framed Abhi in her rape case. Pragya sees the camera she has fixed in Tanu’s house and provoked her more. Tanu spills the beans on her motive of targeting Abhi. She reveals she wanted Abhi but Pragya never let that happened thus to avenge latter she plotted against Abhi.

Furthermore, Tanu sees the truth serum injection and says none can stop her wedding today. She tries to give the injection to Pragya. Pragya defends herself. In between the fight, Tanu ends up injecting herself with the truth serum. Pragya catches her mobile and rush back to her home. Here, Aliya asks Abhi why he is not ready yet. Aliya says to Abhi that in front of judge he has to be present. Abhi says he doesn’t bother. Ahead, Pragya informs Aliya and Abhi about having Tanu’s confession. Aliya decides to inform to all. Pragya stops Aliya from revealing to any. Abhi and Pragya than reveals to Aliya about their plan for marrying in front of Judge. Aliya asks Abhi how that will be possible. Pragya says she will sit at Tanu’s place under the veil and will reveal Tanu’s truth later. She also informs Abhi and Aliya that Tanu injected truth serum by herself and Singhani will reach her house soon. Pragya worries if Singhania will reach Tanu’s house and will see her in that condition than he will doubt. Aliya says to Pragya that she will send someone to shift Tanu from there.

Here, Ranbir recalls his moment with Prachi and decides to escape the house. Aryan worries for Ranbir. In the meantime, Mitali praise Prachi for the decoration. Riya gets envy and asks Mitali to ask Prachi only to decorate post latter doesn’t like the decoration done by her. Aliya come and informs Riya, Prachi and Mitali that Pragya managed to take Tanu’s confession. Riya and Prachi gets happy for Abhigya’s wedding. Aliya asks Mitali to call Panditji.

Other side, Ranbir bumps into Pradeep. Drunk Pradeep reveals to Ranbir that Tanu betrayed him. Ranbir asks Pradeep to spoil Tanu’s plan with his truth. Pradeep decides to expose Tanu. Furthermore, Riya and Prachi get Abhi ready. There, Judge call Aliya and tells her that he can’t attend the wedding thus he wants her to connect him to the video call. Aliya connects Judge to the video call.

Afterwards, Ranbir asks Pradeep not to drink more. He tells to Abhi that he is bringing Pradeep home. Abhi, Prachi and Riya gets happy. Pragya come and Abhi tells to her about Pradeep. Pragya thanks God for supporting them. Mitali asks Pragya to get ready fast. She asks Abhi, Riya and Prachi to go out. Abhi kiss Pragya on cheek and leaves the room. He asks Pragya to give him the recording as it will be safe with him. (Episode Ends)

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