Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2024 Written Update: RV in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the CM’s security escaping from the hotel. The terrorists decide to hijack the hotel. The terrorists capture RV and Monisha. RV asks Monisha to run away. Monisha runs away from the terrorists.

The terrorists bring RV into the hotel and close the doors. A reporter sees the terrorists and recognises them. The reporter tries to video record what is going on in the hotel but the terrorist catches him in the act and mocks him. Danny the terrorist brings the reporter and puts him along with the rest of the hostages. The other terrorist asks Suresh to go and get the camera. One of the terrorist says they will kill RV once the recording starts they will kill RV.

Prachi calls Purvi. Purvi attends the call and asks Prachi not to worry and says nothing happened in between her and RV. Divya takes the call from Prachi and asks Purvi to make up with RV as within a few days Soham and Diya are going to get married. Purvi agrees. Purvi thinks what did RV say that Diya is thinking that a fight happened in between them.

RV asks the terrorists not to kill him and says he doesn’t know the CM. The reporter brings the camera. RV pleads the terrorists not to kill him. RV takes one of the terrorists hostage and runs away from them. The hostages also escape and create a confusion.
Two terrorists chase RV and the rest of the hostages.

RV hides in a room. RV gets a call from Purvi and he attends the call. Purvi asks RV what did he say to Diya that she is telling everyone that a fight happened in between them. RV says he is stuck and there are terrorists here. Purvi thinks RV is lying and comments on RV. RV cuts the call.

The terrorists threaten the hostages to come out if not they will kill everyone by blowing up this hotel. RV and the rest of the hostages without having a choice come out of hiding.

Monisha calls Deepika and reveals to Deepika about What happened. Monisha asks Deepika where is her dad. Deepika says he is in Dubai. Monisha says she wants her Dad here and she asks Deepika to call her Dad. Deepika agrees.

The terrorist beats up RV as due to him they faced a lot of trouble. Later the terrorist see the camera and they ask the government to give in to their demands and that is to release their boss and safe passage from this country if not they will
Kill everyone here.

Episode ends.

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