Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2021 Written Update: Rhea warns Prachi to stay away from Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 11th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Prachi says Mom is not at home. Rhea says it’s good for you otherwise your problem may gets doubled, now I’m going but stay away from Ranbir otherwise you know what I can do. Shahana comes to them and says asks your Ranbir to stay away from Prachi. Rhea says why you’re interfering between two sisters. Shahana says you do t have heart and if you consider Prachi as sister than you can never call Maasi with her Name.

Rhea says tell this to Prachi because she is the one who is breaking her promise. Prachi says I don’t know that Ranbir plans to marry me, we didn’t married right. Rhea asks what if you’re married to him? Than I may punish you for this mistake. Shahana says Prachi don’t have idea about that marriage and if she wants than she can call Ranbir and run with him. Rhea says try this Prachi than I will snatch your happiness because I know where is your happiness lies and she leaves from that place. Prachi cries. Shahana says dont take her words seriously, she can’t do anything.

Saritha ji prays god to bless Pragya and Abhi. Mitali says Gayathri went to Abhi room with Lep and Stick but what if something happens. Tanu says Mitali Bhabhi is right, only you can handle him, he is mad and can attack anyone. Aliya asks Mitali to check if Gayathri is fine or not. Mitali goes. Dadi says why they are doing this to Abhi. Aliya says he didn’t remember anything, even I’m feeling pain seeing his state but don’t know how to handle him that’s why beating him. Dadi says if someone beats him than I will leave from here with Abhi. Tanu asks what if Dadi leaves with Abhi than what’s the need of my stay. Aliya says it won’t happen because he may hit Dadi also and he is not past Abhi.

Pragya drops the stick and tells him that she won’t beat him. Abhi asks pinky promise showing his hand. Pragya holds his little finger while reminscing their past moments and promises him than she asks him to take stick. Abhi takes the stick and asks wont she get scared. Pragya says no, don’t get scared seeing stick because now it becomes your friend along with me. Abhi plays with stick. Pragya asks how he get hurt. Abhi asks while playing and he shows how he plays throwing things than he cries badly holding his leg and tells to Pragya that Aliya and Mittu are bad because they are not giving me food on time. Pragya says I’m here so you don’t need to feel hungry anymore. Abhi drapes her veil on his head.

Pragya says let’s go I will apply Haldi to your wounds. Abhi cries saying it may pain him. Pragya says pinky promise, it won’t hurt you. she applies Haldi to him. Abhi says it’s not burning, he notices her tears fell on his hand and says why are you crying? I didn’t hurt you right? Don’t tell to Aliya otherwise she may beat me and he hides in cupboard again. Pragya goes out in tears.

Mitali asks what happened inside the room? You won’t leave work right. Pragya says nothing happened, he is like kid and I won’t leave work. Pragya says she will make him wear good clothes so he can feel better. Mitali says we tried but he always spoils it and it’s risky for you and others, she goes to do her work. Pragya again goes to Abhi room and asks what’s he hiding. Abhi shows his sun painting to her and asks how it’s? Pragya says awesome. Abhi shows her sun coming to his room and tells her that he likes to go out but these people will beat me if I go out. Pragya says I will take you out but wear good clothes. Abhi says he don’t like good clothes. Pragya says first try than you can decide. Mitali notice them from Glass window. Abhi agrees and says let me see your face to know who you’re.

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