Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update: Monisha learns about RV’s betrayal and gets shocked

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Damini asking Purvi to walk around for Binni aunty. Damini also asks Purvi to walk left and right.


Deepika gets surprised seeing Monisha in the Malhotra mansion. Deepika asks Monisha what is she doing here. Monisha asks Deepika what is going on. Deepika tries to take Monisha inside. Monisha goes to introduce herself to Purvi. Damini spots Monisha and she pulls her to aside.

Deepika comes to Harleen and reveals to Harleen that Monisha is here. Harleen thinks Monisha will learn the truth if she is here. Deepika asks Harleen to do something as Monisha should not know about Purvi and RV’s marriage. Harleen takes Deepika away from there.

Dadaji asks RV to not misbehave with Purvi. RV says to Dadaji that he can’t do it as he has his reason. RV argues with Dadaji about it. RV comes out of his daydream and realises that he was just dreaming.

Dadaji asks RV what is he thinking about. RV says it’s nothing. Dadaji asks RV if he is thinking about Monisha. RV says he will tell the truth after Monisha completes her course.

Yug and Dadi search for Dadaji and they spot Monisha. Yug doesn’t know about Monisha. Monisha comes to Dadi and hugs her.

Damini asks Purvi to sing a song and she goes to find Deepika. Purvi agrees and sings a song to all the guests.

Monisha asks Dadi who is under the Gungat hearing Purvi’s singing voice. Yug says to Monisha that it’s RV’s wife Purvi. Yug asks Monisha to go and congratulate Purvi and says she is really beautiful. Monisha looks at Purvi and leaves from there. Purvi thinks who is she as she has done Mu Dikhai Ritual only half and left in the middle.

Monisha asks Harleen and Deepika what is going on. Harleen asks Monisha to calm down. Monisha asks them how can she be calm when RV did his engagement with her and she is RV’s fiance. Now she is seeing that RV has gotten married to someone else. Monisha asks them if they sent her to do course so that they could backstab her like this. Deepika says nobody backstabbed her. Monisha asks what is this if this is not backstabbing. Monisha says she needs answers and she will get those answers from RV. Monisha goes looking for RV.

Monisha goes upstairs. Monisha’s dress gets tangled to stairs. A servant helps Monisha’s dress. Monisha leaves from there.

Purvi asks the guests who is she. The guests says she is Monisha. The guests say to Purvi that Monisha is a fire cracker and she will know who is Monisha when the time is right. The guests ask Purvi to beware of Monisha and comments on her.

Monisha comes to RV and asks RV what is this showing the engagement ring. Monisha asks RV how could he betray her and reminds RV how much she loves him. RV says he knows about it. Monisha says if he knows about it why did he betray her and married someone else. RV says Purvi is not someone else, she is Khushi’s sister. Monisha asks RV why did he marry Purvi after what Khushi did to him. RV says it’s for revenge.

Episode ends.

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