Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update: Aliya betrayed Abhi yet again

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Abhi welcoming Judge. Judge tells to Abhi that he has judged many cases on video call but this is the first time he is attending wedding on call. He alerts Abhi that if Tanu’s wedding will not happen today than she will not get justice and he will have to go jail. Abhi says wedding will happen today. Aliya says she will bring the bride. Pandit ji asks Abhi to sit for the puja. There, Aryan call Ranbir and asks him where he is? Ranbir calls Aryan out.

Aryan and Ranbir takes Pradeep inside. Aliya and Riya asks Ranbir about Pradeep. Ranbir tells to Aliya and Riya that Pradeep is Tanu’s husband. Pragya comes. Ranbir tells to them that Tanu betrayed Pradeep too thus, he is ready to expose her in front of all. Pragya asks Aliya and Riya to take care of Tanu too. Aliya says she will check. Pragya decides to expose Tanu first. Aliya asks Pragya to get ready for the wedding and then they will expose Tanu later.

Other side, man bring Tanu to Riya’s room. Riya asks Aliya what she is doing. Aliya explains to Riya that they need to tie Tanu so that she doesn’t interrupt the wedding. Here, Singhania reach Tanu’s house and worries about her. He tries to call Abhi but couldn’t reach him. Singhania decide to visit Abhi’s house. Pandit ji ask to bring the bride. Pragya come. Abhi excitedly marry Pragya. Judge wishes Abhi for his wedding. Abhi asks Judge to meet his wife. Abhi unveils and everyone gets shocked seeing Tanu. Judge asks Singhania to bring the papers. Abhi stands stunned. Tanu smirk seeing Aliya and Mitali.

In the flashback; Aliya deals with Tanu for giving her property and money in return of Abhi. Tanu accepts the deal. Mitali too joins Tanu and Aliya in their plan. Aliya replaces Tanu at the mandap. Back to reality; Prachi and Riya wonders how Tanu married Abhi. Abhi worries for Pragya. He goes to meet Pragya. Pragya opens the door. Abhi reveals to Pragya that his marriage is done with Tanu. He panics. Pragya tells to Abhi that someone came to her room and made her smell chloroform. Abhi accuse Pragya for not able to do anything to stop his wedding. Pragya decide to show the evidence and Pradeep to judge. Abhi worries.

Later, Pragya pleads Pradeep to inform judge about Tanu. Ranbir and Aryan stands shocked learning Tanu married Abhi. (Episode Ends)

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