Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2024 Written Update: RV in a tight spot

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Purvi seeing in the news that RV is beaten up so she rushes to RV. Diya and Soham see in the news that RV is beaten up. Diya understands Purvi has rushed to the hotel worrying about RV.

The Minister thinks he needs to go and meet the terrorists as he worries about the hostages. The Minister’s wife tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to her and leaves to the hotel.

The police get information that ITS grand hotel has been hijacked. The cops leave to the hotel.

Monisha’s dad calls Monisha and says to Monisha that he is back in town. Monisha asks her dad to do whatever it takes to save RV. Monisha’s dad asks her to go home. Monisha says she will not leave from here without RV and cuts her call.

The reporters report in the news about the hijack of the hotel.

The main terrorist lashes out at all the other terrorists as things are not going according to his plan. Danny sees RV on ten floor and mocks him. RV asks Danny to fight him without the gun. Danny agrees and puts his equipment aside.

Prachi sees the rain is about to come. Divya sees in the news that ITS grand hotel has been hijacked by terrorists. Prachi worries about Diya and Purvi and calls them. Divya asks Diya if she is alright and asks if they are in the hotel that terrorists hijacked. Diya says they went to a different hotel. Prachi and Divya feel relieved hearing it and cuts the call.

Purvi says to Diya it’s a good thing that she hasn’t told that RV is in the hotel. Diya says it’s no use telling them besides making them worry.

RV beats up Danny. The other terrorist stop RV and pulls him apart.

Purvi comes to the hotel. Purvi sees Monisha and asks Monisha if she left RV to the terrorists and escaped herself. Monisha says she hasn’t left RV. Monisha says RV asked her to run away so she ran away. Purvi lashes out at Monisha calling her selfish for her actions. Monisha argues with Purvi and comments on her. Purvi worries about RV and looks for a way to go into the hotel to save RV.

The cops stop Purvi from entering the hotel. Purvi runs into her neighbour Sudha who is also a lady constable. Purvi pleads Sudha to take Purvi to her superiors. Sudha agrees. Monisha comments on Purvi. Diya asks Monisha what is she saying. Monisha says Purvi is creating trouble for the cops and asks Diya if she can’t see that. Monisha calls Diya stupid and leaves from there. Diya tries to teach a lesson to Monisha but Soham stops her.

The Malhotra family are shown to be going to the hotel. Harleen worries about RV.

Episode ends.

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