Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Written Update: Mitali informs to Aliya how Abhi is forcing Gayathri to show her face

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Abhi asks Pragya to show his face. Pragya thinks about Doctor words that Abhi can’t handle more hapiness or sadness it can give him shock. Abhi says I won’t wear clothes if you won’t show your face to me. Mitali thinks I will be the first one to witness Gayathri face. Abhi forcefully tries to open Pragya veil. Mitali goes to call Aliya. Abhi opens veil and notices Pragya face and he feels happy seeing her face and he brings fuggi doll and tells her that she is like his doll. Pragya thinks so much happened still he saved this doll so he might saved my love in his heart. Abhi gives that doll to her. Pragya cries hugging that doll and reminsces their past moments. Abhi takes his doll. Pragya says I showed you my face so you have to wear good clothes.

Mitali goes to Aliya and tells her that Abhi is forcing Gayathri to show her face. Aliya says I’m in important meeting, so solve this problem by yourself. Mitali dashes with Tanu and tells her that Abhi is forcing Gayathri to show her face but she won’t show him than he becomes violent than Gayathri will leave home and I will become mad while doing every work. Tanu thinks am i did wrong by leaving my husband for Abhi. Mitali goes to prepare food. Tanu thinks to leave from Abhi home if he won’t get cured in few days. Aliya says let’s go to have lunch with Vikram’s family. Tanu agrees.

Prachi in tears thinks about Rhea warning. Shahana says don’t take every matter to your heart. Prachi thinks Rhea must not found Mom is working in their place otherwise everything gets spoiled. Shahana suggest her to marry Ranbir to end Rhea problem. Prachi asks her to stop and locks herself in room and thinks to bear Rhea scoldings for Pragya.

Everyone assembles at dining table. Tanu informs to Dadi how they decided for Rhea and Ranbir Sagai. Dadi questions how can they perform sagai when Abhi is not good. Aliya says it’s Brother wish and we can’t delay it seeing his condition. Vikram and Pallavi enters. Aliya welcomes them. Vikram asks where is Abhi. Aliya says Abhi gets hyper so it’s not good idea to have him here. Raj says he will call Ranbir but Pallavi stops him saying Vikram will bring Ranbir. Pallavi asks about Rhea. Aliya asks Basanti to call Rhea.

Pragya shows clothes to Abhi but he won’t like anything and he plays with her and asks if she can make drawing lime him. Pragya says I know but can’t make it perfectly like you. Abhi says you’re not looking like my doll and you can become my doll if you wear spectacles. Pragya gets emotional reminscing their past moments.

Aliya and Tanu talks in their sign language. Pallavi asks what are they talking in signs. Tanu says actually we want to know why Ranbir is denying for marriage. Dadi says it’s between our families so don’t involve. Aliya supports Tanu and asks Pallavi to answer. Pallavi thinks Ranbir agreed because of my heart attack drama but now he get to know about my lie that’s why he is denying. Tanu asks Pallavi to answer. Pallavi says Generation problem and these kids get changed their decision when their mood is off. Raj asks mood off or is he not interested in Rishta. Pallavi says nothing like that. Rhea comes from outside. Tanu asks Rhea to have lunch with them but Rhea goes to her room. Aliya goes to talk with her.

Abhi denies every costume than Pragya shows him one dress and tells him that he won’t get hurt if he wears it. Abhi agrees and about to change Infront of her but Pragya asks him to change in washroom like big kids do. Abhi agrees and asks her to choose his costumes every day in this way. Pragya agrees. Mitali gives lunch to Pragya and goes out saying family lunch about to start.

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