Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2020 Written update: Ranbir miss Prachi

Today’s episode starts with Ranbeer and Prachi both think about each other that how they enjoy today’s rainy day while lying down on bed. Ranbeer also put his phone on pillow and start watching Prachi’s picture.

In the morning when Riya’s friend thinking about boys that how they’re carzy for Riya and how they make line for her. Afterwards Riya came and suddenly boys ran after her and giving her flowers but Riya’s didn’t expect those roses. Riya’s friends told her that we knew that your hand gonna empty cause you just don’t want to accept roses from others in your eyes there is only Ranbeer. Riya said if you can find some one better than him then i will surely accept all the roses from him. And then she walks away.

In other hands abhi and mr kolhi chatting together while abhi said to him you know what i think your hotel business is start getting into losses cause your foces is on music. Mr kolhi said this is because of you. We first met in this place while you doing your consort and that’s the time i was found of you and that’s when i decide to approach music industry. Abhi said because of your profit right.

Afterwards both of them find somthing fishy about today. And suddenly a girl came to abhi for some paper work. Abhi open the file and seeing a roses the girl who got the paper said this is my boyfriend gave me in velentaains day. Then mr kolhi said now i know why palvi is upset from him. Abhi give him advise that give your wife expensive gift and your sorted. Mr kolhi said so that how you make up things for your wife but abhi said no she only want my love nothing esle.

Ranbeer friend said to him that today give flowers to prachi but ranbeer said to his friends you know i love her but she didn’t knew about this and i can’t tell her right now and also these velntinday and all are not my thing.

Sahana ask prachi what are you thinking prachi said i was thinking about sarita aunty but sahana told her sarita aunty just don’t like time pass kinda things and i think you should give ranbir flowers but prachi said i and ranbir are only friends then afterwards Ranbir listening prachi and sahana conversation were prachi told sahana if some one give me pink or lots of flowers i expect them

Ranbir goes to a flower shop ask a girl about every flower colour meaning after he knows the meaning of flower he choose pink, yellow, white and red flower and ask prachi to meet him before he meets prachi he bumped into riya’s friend. Riya’s friends see some flowers she thinks he want to give flowers to riya.

Then prachi and ranbeer also bumped together she said. She see some people to getting close and in her way this is wrong rabeer also said yeah these wrong even if this is velntinday this is not done and he hide flowers. So that prachi didn’t knew about his plan.

While riya see ranbeer kneeling in front off prachi while ranbir just bumped and fall. But riya’s thinks this in another way and there is another misunderstanding.