Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2024 Written Update: Monisha advises RV

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Monisha questioning RV why did he marry Purvi after what Khushi did to him. RV says to Monisha that he married Purvi to take revenge. Monisha says to RV that he didn’t take revenge but instead, he fulfilled her dream. Monisha says to RV that she feels like he took revenge on her and she doesn’t know the reason for it. Monisha asks RV where did Khushi come from. RV says to Monisha that he saw Khushi when he sent her to London. RV says to Monisha that after seeing Khushi all of the pain and betaryal given by Khushi to him, came back to him. He was really drunk that night and he fought with people on the road. RV says he still has those scars on his body. RV says he couldn’t sleep for a day after that night so he decided to take revenge on Khushi. RV says he hired a detective to keep an eye on Khushi.


Monisha asks RV if he married Purvi and betrayed her to take his revenge. RV says to Monisha that he never had any intention of betraying her. Deepika says to Monisha that RV decided to tell the truth to Monisha but she stopped RV and asked him to marry Purvi so he could take his revenge on her. Monisha gets surprised hearing this.

Purvi overhears the guests gossiping about Monisha. Purvi thinks who is this Monisha and why is everyone talking about her. One of the guests spills water on Purvi’s dress. The guests asks Purvi to go and change her dress. Harleen asks Damini to stop Purvi as Raj and Monisha are in the room. Damini agrees.

Damini comes to Purvi and asks Purvi to come downstairs as Mu Dikhai ritual hasn’t completed. Damini asks Purvi to leave this dress. Purvi agrees and leaves from there.

Monisha asks RV how is he going to take revenge on Khushi. RV says to Monisha that if he hurts Purvi then Khushi will be hurt. Monisha asks RV what is he going to do. RV says he is going to take Purvi to Pagphere ritual to her home and he is going to leave Purvi there. Monisha says to RV that if he wants to take his revenge then he should not leave Purvi at her home but he is should leave Purvi on the road when he takes her to Pagphere ritual as if he does that the people will gossip about Purvi and they will think there is a fault in Purvi and that’s why RV left her. RV agrees. Monisha says now he will go and meet Purvi.

Prachi makes Laddoos for RV’s family. Manpreet, Visakha and Prachi talk about talk about the Khushi and Purvi and they miss them.

Harleen says they should start other rituals as the Mu Dikhai ritual is completed. The guests agree to it.

Monisha comes to Purvi. Deepika tries to stop Monisha from looking at Purvi’s face. Monisha still insists and looks at Purvi’s face. Monisha starts talking with Purvi and asks Purvi how many boyfriends does she have. Purvi says she doesn’t have any boyfriends. Monisha asks RV if she should tell Purvi about her boyfriend. Purvi asks Monisha who is she. Monisha says she is her co-wife.

Episode ends.

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