Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update: Dida asks Siddharth to share his thoughts with her

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Pragya saying that the phone is cut. Abhi says she was not listening to him. She asks him to say. Abhi says he don’t want to say anything. They both get into argument. She tells him that he is behaving childish. Abhi says he is not being childish. He makes sounds with his thraot and says that he is getting a phone call. He sees the maid looking at them and asks her what she was doing. The maid says she is leaving. Pragya asks her not to go alone. She agrees ahd leaves from there. When Pragya asks him about his childish behaviour, Abhi says he wants to go, he is getting a phone call and leaves from there. Abhi gets a call from Gattu who asks him to open the door. Abhi asks how can he open the door of his house.

Gattu asks him to open the door of the house he is staying at that moment. Abhi asks him what he is doing here. Gattu asks him to open the door first. Abhi opens the door to see Gattu standing there with a carter. Gattu says that Tanu has sent him the drinks and he has brought it to him. Abhi gets a call from Tanu who tells him that she has sent drinks for him. He says that for the first time she has done something good and cuts the call. He takes the bottles from Gattu and says that now he will be able to get some sleep.

Tanu says that she has not done it for him. She has done it for Pragya. She never cared for him. She used to stop him from drinking because he was wasting the money and not because he was ruining his health. But now she has the money she needs. She dances happily while drinking alcohol. Aliya comes to her and aaks her as to why she is happy.

Tanu thinks that she will definitely stop Abhi if she comes to know that she has sent alcohol for him. Tanu says she is happy because she has money now. Aliya thinks that there is something behind her happiness and she has really done something. She asks Tanu to say what really happened. Tanu says she is happy and she will be happy as well once she gets to know and leaves from there.

Siddharth drinks water and remembers how Rhea has kept pillows between them. Dida sees him thinking and comes to him. Dida asks him to say what he is thinking. He denies. She tells him that she loves him ahd he can share his thoughts with her whenever he wants.

Pragya comes to see Abhi drinking. She thinks them to be water and when she mocks him asking him to drink more, he throws the bottle on her way. Abhi comes close to Pragya and she pushes him. They both get into the chasing game. Abhi acts like he is falling but then stops. Pragya sighs. Abhi this time really slips, Pragya holds his hand but still not able to help him. Abhi falls down from the stairs. Pragya sees the blood around his head and panics. Sushma who came there calls the doctor. The Screen Freezes On Pragya.

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